Gucci Guilty | Gucci Sinly Love Original Men’s Perfume


Everyone admires gucci guilty men. He is brave enough to seek excitement, and always maintains high keenness for women’s desire. He is the incarnation of these desires. Men are eager to be him, and women are eager to get him.

Gucci Guilty Gucci Men’s Deloma is a fern incense perfume with a strong personal modern atmosphere. The sense of stimulation it brings is as charming as its temptation.

Propher the breath of emotion, attract all your senses!

The front of this perfume is made of exciting Italian lemon and citrus, mixed with crushed green leaves, evoking the breath of emotions, and also embellished with bold pink pepper to attract all your senses.

Its middle tone is like a secret invitation in the love world. The herbal fragrance of smoked grass is surrounded by cardamom fragrance that induces desire. It is full of excitement and amazing.

Gucci Guilty|古驰罪爱原罪男士香水

The skills and taboos used by some male incense

Gucci Guilty|古驰罪爱原罪男士香水

In addition to the pulse beating position, there are wrists, ankles, knees, rear, neck, behind the ears, and inside of the elbows. The temperature of these parts is high, which can fully emit the fragrance.

Don’t rub the skin that just sprayed perfume, otherwise it will easily cause stimulation.

Do not spray perfumes on leather jackets and sweaters. The alcoholic ingredients of perfumes will destroy these materials and leave traces, and the aroma will change.

Gucci Guilty|古驰罪爱原罪男士香水

If you really want to spray incense, it is better to spray in the inner lining. Do not spray the perfume on white clothes, otherwise it may leave a pale yellow stain.

Men should not be too thick and too much. If you walk through a breeze, you can only make people nauseous.

Men who use perfumes should not use too many fragrant hair gums and mortar, otherwise the oil smell on the head is mixed with perfume, and they can only be “tacky”.