Guidelines for heatstroke: a few tricks to teach you to help your dog through this hot summer day


Summer is getting longer and longer, the sun shine not only makes people unbearable, but the dogs are even hot. Pet lords should pay more attention to the state of the dog. In such a hot day, dogs are easy to heat up of heat stroke.


The common performance of dogs with heat stroke is:

1. The mental state is not good, the limbs are weak


2. Gas breathing, restlessness

3. Difficult to breathe, dull eyes


If the dogs are not found to have heat stroke in time and help the dog to relieve it, it may cause the dog to shock or die.

How can pets help the dog through this hot summer?


1. Shaver for dogs

The shaving here is not to shave the dog, and shaving the hair on the dog will make the dog’s skin more directly exposed to sunburn sunburn, but it does not have much heat dissipation effect.

The feet and tongue are the most important heat dissipation places for dogs. The pet owner can help the dog shave the hair on the feet pad, and the dog will be much cool.

2. Reduce the amount of exercise


The temperature in summer is very high. Generally, it is very hot at this time from noon to the afternoon. It is recommended to choose early morning or evening when walking dogs, and do not let the dogs play for too long, it is easy to overdraft.

Conditional pet owners can choose to bring dogs out to play with water to avoid heat stroke, but protective measures should be taken!


3. Move the dog’s nest to a cool place

You can put the dog’s nest in a cool place at home and put a small fan. When the dog is hot, you will blow the air of the air. Do not let the dog blow up for too long. Like people, there will be too long air conditioners. Air conditioning disease.

4. Adjust the recipe for the dog

Most of the dogs in hot weather will become a poor appetite, and the original “dried rice dogs” are now indifferent to food. Only when you are full can you have physical strength. The pet owner can add some ice yogurt or ice cheese to dog food to attract dogs to eat.

You can also choose a light and low -salt, comprehensive dog food occasionally put in the refrigerator and freeze it for a while before taking it out for the dog. The dog will accept it better. Remember to give the dog fresh dog food. Make dog food deteriorated. How to choose a nutritional dog food for dogs, you can click on the link to check.

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5. Drink plenty of water


Summer is a season when the body needs more water. Pet owners can place more water at home to ensure that dogs can replenish water at any time, but it is not recommended to drink ice water. Unwilling, the most suitable for dogs is cool.

When you go out, you should bring enough water. It is easy to evaporate water in summer, and the dogs need to drink more water after exercising. Some dogs do not like to drink water or drink very little. You can add a little duck to the water to the water. There are meat -fragrant dogs who will take the initiative to drink water. Duck meat can also help the dog to clear heat and reduce fire.


What to do if you find that the dog is already heat stroke:

1. Immediately take the dog to a cool place.

2. Use cold water to help the dog wipe your feet to cool down.

3. Prepare the clean cool white and let the dog drink.

4. If the dog’s dyspnea is difficult to breathe, take the dog to see the doctor in time.


What else do you have to help the dog cool down?

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