Student party’s summer vacation 5,000 yuan to open Japan Kansai to buy and buy! Only two hundred yuan, summer bathrobe experience


When I went to Japan this time, I refer to the various strategies of the big brothers and the various travel websites. I will share my experience here! I hope to help everyone who is going to Japan.

Ticket and hotel visa

In the next student party, you can make some money through part -time jobs to satisfy your desire to buy and buy. I caught up with this year more hehe, I went to Japan to play. Of course, even if I earn more, I have no money to buy a ticket for Beijing to return to Japan during the summer. Is the explosion expensive? People want more than 5,000 yuan, I choose to die.

Fit out to save three houses in a lifetime

So when I bought a cheap air ticket, I watched a lot of people who transferred to South Korea for cheap chickens. At about 2,000, I can go to South Korea Airport to buy and buy. It is also very cheap to transfer to Hong Kong. I still chose a turnover in Hong Kong, and I can also visit the Hong Kong Airport! Intersection Intersection Go to eat ladym, happy! Intersection It also saved half of the money, saving two three houses in life, there are wood hahaha!


When the ticket is saved, the hotel is slightly loud, because I am a little clean. Since we only arrived at the airport at 10 pm on the first night, the Osaka Japan Airlines Hotel is the most expensive in all the hotels we set. It is said that the toiletries prepared in it are all POLA. It’s very happy to use it! The hotel in Kyoto can be said to be very good in geographical location. When the hotel door is out, it is a drugstore. When you go back this night, you will buy and buy!

The second hotel in Osaka is booked near the Shinsaibashi, full of food paradise!


We do a simplified visa. We only need passports and photos. There is no need to fill up the mess. It can be said that it is very worry -free, with a per capita 400. Tickets and hotel visas cost more than 4,000, which is also very considerable.

I have a full meal! Intersection Continue to change! Intersection In fact, if you do freely, writing a guide yourself is very happy. It turned out that I have been to many places and basically go out for a holiday. So far , Germany, everywhere I have been to do strategies, write travel notes, it is commemorative.

Japanese traffic

If you have n’t been to Japan, you can see that Japanese traffic thieves are complicated. However, after you have been, you think it ’s okay. It’ s about the same as Beijing.

Let me put some little strategies I do below.

My schedule is arranged by Kansai, Osaka -Kyoto -Nara -Osaka. Why not go to Tokyo, because I have been to Tokyo last time, I feel that Tokyo is relatively expensive, and Osaka can basically meet my needs for shopping and fun.

Osaka Kansai Airport -Kyoto

The JR Express Haruka is to go to Kyoto first after coming out of the airport. It is the choice of many people to take JR direct tram. In addition to convenient and fast, spacious and comfortable seats are also a major cause! After leaving the customs, as long as you follow the indicator to the connected bridge on the second floor, it is Kansai Airport Station. It takes 75 minutes to take JR tram to Kyoto.

Before riding a car, it is recommended to buy the “ICOCA & Haruka” package group known as the Kansai Youyou Card. The ICOCA card can take the Kansai JR, Metro, Private Rail, Bus and other means of transportation. Pre -storage ¥ 1,500 yen), and Haruka can be directly discounted from Kansai Airport to Tianwang Temple, New Osaka, Kyoto, and Kyoto. If you want to save time, you can also make an appointment on the Internet to buy it. After you go to the JR window at the scene, you can pay for the exchange.

PS: My card is SUICA, commonly known as watermelon card. It was bought when I played it last time. If you walk this line, Nara will not be able to use it. It is recommended that if you go to Guanxi to buy icoca. I checked it. I went to Kyoto Station from the Kansai Airport in Osaka. It took about two hours to take a distance of 3580 yen and about 215 yuan. It was like a high -speed rail of a cross -cities in China. It is expensive.

Osaka -Nara


Three ways to save money


A. Sitting from Tuobo near the iron to Nara, 520 yen;

B. Take the subway to the crane bridge, and then transfer to Kinte Railway to Nara (490 yen);

C. Take the JR ring line to the crane bridge, then transfer to Kintera to Nara.

Regarding whether to buy Osaka Day Day Vouchers

If you need to transfer subways, buses, etc. within the same day, and you will go to Osaka’s attractions, similar to the aquarium, you can choose to buy it. In that way, it will be more cost -effective one day.


How to buy traffic cards and tickets

If you take your luggage after getting your luggage, you can buy it artificially or automatically. There are options for simplified Chinese, which is very convenient. ICOCA’s cards and Haruka tickets can be bought on the vending machine. Choose time. It is divided into a designated seat and a free seat. The specified price is slightly more expensive, but there will be seats.

Be sure to prepare in advance

translation software

: (There is a translator and the like to choose one that is suitable for yourself.) Although there are many Chinese people in Japan, they need to prepare in advance in special circumstances. I remember when we went last time, it was stupid because we were stupid. I forgot the software, and I didn’t understand the Japanese brother for a long time. Fortunately, there was a Japanese lady in Japanese helped us to solve the siege. Japanese anime, who has been watched for many years, can only understand Wada Siwa. Essence

Google Map

: Google Maps are unavailable in China, but it is an artifact abroad. You can put your hotel and the attractions you want to go to in advance in the memorandum. Just copy it directly.

Japanese subway

: You can download the Japanese subway directly in the app, which is still very practical.

Drugstore coupon

: When you buy a Japanese bus card or rent Wi-Fi on the TB, you often send you some coupons. You can also search for the public account by yourself. When you come out, you can download it in advance.

Quote the itinerary of the hotel in advance

: After ordering the hotel online, you will generally send you an email, take the screenshot of the mail, print two copies, and just show the printed list when you go to the hotel. Note that it must be the hotel order number, not the order number of the website.

Charging charging treasure


Phone card/Wi-Fi

: It is best to buy a phone card, because in case something goes out, you can call. I have watched Wolf 2, and we need to protect how many good protection abroad. Do n’t forget to remember the call of our embassy before traveling! Intersection Intersection

There are several pocket coin purse

: Because when you buy things, you will find a lot of coins from you. It is very embarrassing to find a long coin when you buy something. Don’t ask me how to know, so prepare a pocket in advance! Intersection Intersection

Airport precautions


Pay attention to flying to Japan! Fill in the entry card, two orders, one yellow and one white, you need to fill in it. Sister flight attendants will send you to you on the plane, but the thief she sent is fast. Maybe you think it is omitted, so remind everyone here, don’t miss the entry card on the plane For a lot of time, if you do n’t send it, remember to care about them. After getting off the plane, it is an entry censorship. Give the passport and card to them, and record the fingerprints.

After receiving yesterday, if there are little cuteness, it is also like me to go to the Guanxi Airport at night. If the conditions are allowed, it is determined (Osaka RTV Kanti Airport Hotel). It is really convenient. At the first floor of the hotel, there is a LAWSON convenience store, which can be bought and eaten. Then if you want to go to Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and other places the next day, you can buy tickets directly at the airport. The airport is a very convenient transportation hub.


How to do a strategy? Intersection Intersection

My strategy is actually planned in accordance with the place where I want to go, the location and time plan of the hotel. In fact, the method is very simple. It is to first determine your air ticket and the attractions you want to go. Then, according to the attractions you want Try to choose convenient transportation, closer to subway stations, and drugstores, it is OK. Look at the comments of others. I think it ’s good. After the hotel is determined, mark your hotel on Google Maps, and then check it out, how to go to nearby attractions, and then check the food or something, it is completely OK.


To sum up, it is:

Determine the ticket -find a attraction -compare hotels (geographical location, transportation, etc.) -the review -Determine hotel -Google Maps — arrange itinerary

In fact, it is very happy to do the strategy. After doing it, you will find that you have a sense of accomplishment. After the entire itinerary is done, you will feel very happy after the strategy is finished!

Kyoto, Kyoto

To put it simply, Kyoto feels like the kind of antique and ancient color. There is a historical heritage that retains a lot of temples. You can even see one by a few hundred meters. Don’t have a charm. Several attractions are recommended here: Kanagu Temple (where the novels of Mishima Yoshimov are described), Qingshui Temple (the blue sky and white clouds are really good when the weather is clear), and Fushimi Inari Daisha (this is also very famous).


Share a wave of bathrobe experience in summer. A bathrobe experience was booked online in advance, about 270 yuan, including a set of experiences of bathrobes, belts, bags, simple hair accessories, and wooden crickets. It is a younger sister who wears a kimono. After wearing it, I feel that I am a dumplings, and because the legs are also wrapped, the steps are not open. After you put on the wooden cricket, in the hot Japan Go away, really. Essence Essence It is hot and painful, but fortunately, the photo is still very beautiful ~ kimono rental can be returned at night. My experience is that you must practice photography technology well! Intersection Miss wearing kimonos should also pay attention to replenish more water.

Osaka Osaka

Mark Universal Studios

Before going to Universal Studios, I was tangled for a long time. Whether to buy fast tickets, or even watching the strategy, I went to the official website of Universal Studios in Japan and wanted to try to try it cheap. However,! It’s not cheap everywhere. Essence Therefore, if the younger sister who can book tickets in advance, try to book in advance as much as possible, it should be much cheaper.

Shock! There is no fast ticket, you can play 4 large projects in the morning! Intersection Intersection We got up at 7:00. Looking on the Internet in advance, Universal Studios opened the door at 9:00 and wanted to rush into Harry Potter as soon as possible. However, the plan could not keep up with the change. We did the wrong subway. Essence Essence Essence When I stand out, I am really. Essence Essence It has been around 9:20 at Universal Studios. It is easy for electronic tickets to enter the garden. The QR code of scanning the phone directly is OK and the speed is fast. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone buy electronic tickets online.

Then we rushed to the Harry Potter park and saw the strategy saying that we need to receive a sorting voucher, but we did not find where to get it, so we followed the flow of people and walked inside. It took about half an hour to queue up in the queue of Harry Potter, and it was done. In fact, it was very fast. I have to say that the scene inside is full. I dare not watch it. There is no drama here, everyone will experience it by themselves.

Then, we went to play Spider -Man. The two were relatively similar, but the experience felt that Harry Potter was cooler, and it took about 40min in line. We saw the Hollywood dream travel around through the APP. It seemed to be called this. The queue time was not very long, so I went. I thought it was a very rolling roller coaster and coaxing the child. For those who are a bit afraid, the only thing that comforts me is that the music of the roller coaster can choose Taylor’s Shake It OFF, and close the eyes to players throughout the process! After coming out, I was shocked. I found a place to fill my stomach. I have to say that the hot dog that is really delicious is really delicious. There are corn slices on it. I want to eat another one.


After that, I played Jurassic Shipping. The specific situation is not described. It feels similar to the ros of the Happy Valley. It is just a reduction version+weakened version. I chose to die. After I came out, I was watery, and then my sensitive skin felt that I didn’t know if the water was not clean or the cosmetics plus the sun was directly radiated, and I felt red on my face. When I was soaked, I was ready to evacuate. On the way to evacuation, I met the float parade. The actors performed hard, and the sound of emotions also brought the atmosphere of the entire amusement park.

In short, the two of us used 4 large -scale projects in the morning. To tell the truth, if it wasn’t for my sunscreen, our faces still hurt. We can really finish all the projects in the afternoon. There are many people in the peak season. Many projects lined up for 40 minutes, and they went in. Of course, this is for our poor tour of our student party.

About shopping


Seeing the strategy of many young ladies and sisters, it is said that there is a drugstore in Beijing in Beijing’s cheapest. I went to see it. Indeed, many masks and eye drops should be added lower than the price of other stores. JAPAN871, but also limited, they also put the cheapest on the door to attract people, and this medicine shop does not know that it is still fried, and there are many people in line.

Most cosmetics are purchased in Matsumoto, because there are helping friends, relatively speaking, more comprehensive. The drugstore I went to is just downstairs in my hotel. The important thing is that like rice masks, grain masks, and red bean masks, all are in stock, and they are very happy.

I have heard that Kyoto is cheaper than Osaka. In fact, I think it ’s okay, but it’ s just individual products. Therefore If there is a coupon, the discount is even greater.


Metro Xin Tao Bridge- [Oshimaru Department Store] Various luxury stores through Okumaru Department Store are Shinsaibashi.


Metro Meitian Station- [Hanshu Department Store] is the most dense area of ​​department store stores, with skin care, makeup, clothes, luxury goods. PS: The tax refund of Hankyu Department Store is uniformly on the B1 floor. Although there are many people, the speed is fast.

I want to buy Canmake’s recommendation to the COSMO Store downstairs in Meitian Station, the fourth floor of the northern pavilion of MUAND Front Osaka.

Champion: Many people only go to Osaka to buy champion at Orange Street.But I don’t know if there are few money there.This time because I visited the Department Store at Maya Odima [Yodobashi] This store can add JAPAN871 in the 6F daily daily, and you can see the shop at the end of the corridor at the end of the escalator. The store is named Right -ON.The store also sells championships, but it seems that it seems more expensive.In addition to the champion, there are also brands such as FLA, Levis, Lee, etc., the styles are better than domestic.

Contact lenses: Tang Jihuo Devin Must Model Shop

This is here for the experience of student party summer vacation 5,000 yuan to buy and buy nanny -level.~~ The full text is full of dry goods!I hope that this sharing of the little devil can help travel to Kansai, Japan, or want to go to the student party babies who are not plump!

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