The peak season of leather sales is approaching! Haining Leather, Autumn and Winter Fashion Wholesale Purchasing Festival


Source: Jiaxing Daily-Jiaxing Online

“After my 2016 Haining was doing leather, Haining Leather, Autumn and Winter Fashion Wholesale Purchasing Festival brought us a lot of merchants every year. This activity is very attractive!” Today, in 2021 Haining Leather, Autumn and Winter Fashion Procurement Festival and spot fashion fashion On the week, Yang Yang, general manager of Hebei Xinji City Paina Clothing Co., Ltd., told reporters confidently that this year’s event will definitely bring new surprises.

Before the annual leather sales season is coming soon, in order to enhance the vitality in the market, stimulate the vitality of the market, and increase the attractiveness of the market to the national merchants, this morning, 2021 Haining Leather, Autumn and Winter Fashion Procurement Festival and Spot Fashion Week (Purchasing festival) kicked off in Haining, Chaocheng, attracting a large number of merchants.

Full category of first -hand supply “five light and ten colors”

Leather jackets, fur, down jackets, faction overcoming, fur, cashmere coats, autumn and winter fashion categories, original designer models, market explosions, anchor popular models and other diversified styles all appeared … At this procurement festival, the reporter found that Leather City found that Leather City The stalls are fully new, providing the latest season of full -category autumn and winter clothing for the second batch of markets and retail markets across the country.

As a Chinese leather fur production base and trade distribution center, Haining’s annual leather fur volume accounts for about 50%of the country’s output. In order to welcome the upcoming sales season, hundreds of Haining enterprises and shops have long been soldiers. Relying on the advantages of more than 20 years of leather industry base and strong merchant resources, they have prepared feasts for merchants from all over the world.

Complete categories, diverse styles, and diverse styles are Haining’s “golden signboards”. This season’s event is coming, and major manufacturers in Haining are scrambling to push out the materials in terms of materials. Innovative materials such as black technology stone sheepskin, waterproof and laundering fabrics have been “upper” to the main play; in terms of craftsmanship, in recent years The wind is “in the ascendant, and as the” design Haining “brand is bigger and stronger, printing locomotive wind, light luxury medium -ancient style, elegant Chinese style …” Hundreds of flowers “and” five colors “.

Two days in the Ming Dynasty, 5 consecutive brand stocks released Xiuxi Zhongxuanyou, and more than 500 full -category clothing was displayed. Buyers can not only experience the trend of autumn and winter in the first time, tasting explosive design applications, but also placing orders on the spot, and approved first -hand spot at the stall.


Rewarding and promoting discounts continuously

At the procurement festival, the reporter also learned that in order to better serve the merchants and accurately collect the approval, Haining China Leather City gathers professional forces and selected excellence. From today, the alliance will fully spread the static exhibition in the first floor of the BC seat on the BC seat of Haining Leather City, the first floor of the G Bid, and the first floor of the h. During the event, Baijiayou -choice manufacturers will continue to be new, so that buyers can concentrate and intuitively see the latest products this year. Grade G high -end buyers will also select 5 to 6 matching high -quality merchants to strictly select 5 to 6 matching categories to conduct accurate docking with buyers by dynamic static display and on -site explanation. In addition, the organizer also vigorously promoted through major social platforms to help the purchaser approved the good goods, get explosive models, and enjoy subsidies with tens of millions of traffic.


From today to September 7th, the organizer will also launch a “collection and approval of the door -to -door red” event. Buyers with the highest wholesale payment amount can get the title of “Purchasing King” and directly receive a maximum of 100,000 yuan exemption. At the same time, buyers can enjoy the points, redeem multiple gifts such as accommodation, logistics, phone bills, and parking vouchers. In addition, the organizer also launched the exclusive gift package of veterans. In order to facilitate new and old customers, the organizer specializes in the customer service team for 1 to 1 precision service buyer, merchant recommendation, goods information, and professional customer service staff to conduct exclusive services.

“Purchasing festivals online and offline to fully show the advantages of leather superimposed fashion. It provides a stage for the entire industry for Haining Leather’s fashion industry and provides a rare channel for the brand.” In order to meet the needs of different seasons, it will help buyers to open the “good sales” of the autumn and winter market this year. The procurement festival will continue until the end of the month, and online and offline will be fully opened and offline.


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