8 batches of Shandong’s imported food were not qualified, there are biscuits, curry powder …


Qilu.com Weihai, February 27th News

On February 26, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued information. In January 2018, the national entry and exit inspection and quarantine department arrived at the port to receive supervision at the port. 73 batches of foods with unqualified quality and safety projects, 1 cosmetics 1 cosmetics 1, cosmetics 1Approve.Unblied foods come from 14 countries or regions, involving 10 products, mainly sugar, beverages, and dry nuts. The main items are unqualified labels, exceed food additives, and unqualified certificates.There are 8 batches of food in Shandong.A batch of cosmetics that did not enter the country were unqualified by Sweden’s special functional cosmetics certificates.


Rongcheng Dynasty Mahan Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd.


Weihai Kangfu Trading Co., Ltd.

Imported from South Korea

Hejie frying powder, Pulu dew chocolate biscuits, Baolu milk flavored biscuits

Telling Poor Curry Powder


, Discovered

Use food additives



Food cosmetics that are not allowed to enter have been returned or destroyed at the port.