The tile is not selected right, no matter how beautiful the decoration is in vain


The tile is not selected right, no matter how beautiful the decoration is in vain

The origin of tiles can be traced back to BC, and people at that time have begun to decorate the house with tiles. With the development of the times, the younger generation has a new review of daily living space. In addition to the beauty, it pays more attention to the quality of life.

So how should tiles choose?

01 Tile Tile

1. Light surface

As the name implies, the light is the surface of the surface that will form reflection like a mirror. Light -faced tiles are better to take care of daily life, but because the surface is treated, the anti -slip effect will be worse.

2, soft noodles

Compared with soft light, it is between light and matte, and has a certain gloss, also called 70 degrees of light. This brightness is closer to the brightness of the stone, and it is a good choice for marble tiles.


3, matte surface

The meaning of matte noodles is not reflective. Mattic tiles can avoid light pollution, and it is relatively non -slip and wear -resistant, but compared to bright light tiles, it is more laborious to take care of it.

4, half throw


The semi -throw is made of tiles on the surface of the tiles when it is produced, and then polished. After the raised position is polished, it is bright. The place where the recessed and non -polished position is matte. The texture of the half -throw tile is very layered.

02 Application space

The application of tiles in space is very wide, and different types of rooms using tiles will produce different sparks.

1. Balcony

The balcony is a space for tiles. As a young man, there will always be some flowers and plants that need to be watered on the balcony. At this time, the waterproof and anticorrosive function of tiles will come in handy.

2. Living room


The living room is a space that shows a home quality. Pay extra attention to the process and style of the product in the choice of tiles. Today, when the style is constantly updated, the classic style is not outdated.


Xinzhongyuan Tile Young+Series

@Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Headquarters

Focus on higher quality living spaces, and build a new young home with health and environmental protection as the wind direction. In the Young+series, the modern marble tile series and the classic marble tile series are the best choices in the living room space. YOUNG+Classic Marble series uses a high -thorns full glazed surface, with precious marble as a blueprint, stretching the texture, publicity and artistic temperament. It has deep and inclusive beauty. It is very suitable for exaggerated shape and diverse mix.

And the Young+modern marble series uses high transparency full glazed and sub -glazed surface. With “black, white, and gray” as the main color tone, it creates a simple and high -level sense. Jane, unremarkable beauty.


3. Kitchen and bathroom space

The kitchen and bathroom space is the most humid in the home space and the most stains. Therefore, the choice of kitchen and bathroom tiles is particularly important. Considering that daily use is easy to make the wall floor slippery, the Young+series has more appropriate space for use in the product process: the entire series of antibacterial glaze technology, efficient and long -lasting antibacterial, antibacterial rate reaches 99%, allowing family members to live with health.


03 How to match

Understand the types of tiles and space that can be used. How should it be matched with tiles? There are several points for choosing tiles:

01 color selection


There are too many tiles. Here I teach you a small secret: to determine the color of the tile according to the color purity of the furniture and the color purity of the wall. The color of the tiles is between the furniture and the wall. In other words, if your furniture color is dark and the color of the wall is light, the color of the tile can choose dark and light colors: gray.

Light or matte?


Light or matte depends on the lighting at home. If the home is not good, you can choose a bright style. The matte style in a darker space looks a little dull. The bright tiles can improve a good visual experience to a certain extent.


If the lighting at home is fine, it is actually possible to choose from light and matte. But you need to note: Choose the bright light of the light. The Young+series also uses a bright glaze technology to make the tiles have a delicate gloss of pearls and a warm texture.

Partial embellishment

Some styles with unique styles and bright colors can consider making local embellishment collages. Such collages can not only enrich the space level, but also enhance the artistic nature of space.

Tiles are not luxury, but necessities. In addition to pursuing the appearance when buying, they must also pay attention to the quality of the product. I hope everyone can have a high -quality beautiful life ~

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