Is your wool and cashmere real? If you can buy it or not, you will be blind


The day before yesterday, the cakes shared the purchase and matching of down jackets with everyone. Many girls lamented, all in the situation of wearing down jackets, it is really cold, it is impossible to wrap it into a bear! In particular, for our round -faced girl, a face has already written the word “fat”, and then we put on a down jacket and the bloated upper body … I want to run naked in minutes.


However, the fact is that the more you wear, the warmer it is. The cake itself is a Uniqlo Heattech base, a cashmere sweater/ wool sweater make inside, add pants/ bottom socks+skirts, and then put it one more Fur, wool, cotton clothes, and down are warm enough to go out!

In fact, the superior warm fabrics are often light and warm, and the right thing is more effective. Among them, the most common and easy to buy wool, cashmere, horse -haired and mink velvet are the most common warm fabrics, and they can exist from top to bottom and from the inside in winter.

For example, cashmere sweater, round neck, V -neck, knitted, sweater … all can be selected for yourself and his family in winter. Among them, the high -necked style of the upper body is the most warm. The most basic way to wear is to use pants and skirts to make inside.

Even if it is simply paired with Denim jeans, it looks good with the 70S retro style.


It is also used to make round neck, V -neck, shirt, and jacket, which is also fashionable.

In addition, wool coats and woolen pants are also common wearing items in winter. It seems that there is no need to mention more ~

Generally speaking, the use of cashmere wool can be used to wear various clothing categories, hats, socks, skirts, etc.

The reason why it is used in all kinds of daily see -out and necessary items, it is conceivable that the warmth of cashmere wool is almost not emphasized ~ and common animal fibers such as cashmere cashmere, in fact, there are slight differences and differences. , Girls can follow the cakes to distinguish:


The difference between wool, cashmere and mink velvet, and horse sea hair


From the most common wool, according to the different categories of sheep varieties, wool can be divided into wool and goatis:


Generally we say

Wool refers to cotton wool

, Wool thick and dense, is an excellent textile raw material. The main origin is in the southern hemisphere, mainly ocean continents,

my country is concentrated in Inner Mongolia


And wool is worth mentioning

Merino Wool

It is named because it produced in a kind of sheep named Merino. This sheep is produced in Australia and almost occupies almost one -third of the yield.


Mer Nu is the finest wool variety except cashmere. Merrust wool in Australia is the best fine wool in the world, and it belongs to the noble variety.

Remember the song song “Cut the Wool” he sang when he was a kid?

Everyone often says


Ma Hai Mao


In fact, it means

Angola Mountain Wool

Essence The fine hair on the goat is very short. Only a few varieties of goats are long and thick can we make textiles. Angola goats are the most common type.

Of course, the texture of the goat also has requirements for the age of sheep. Only before the age of 8 can be called high -quality hair. Once the goat is over 8 years old, the wool texture is worse. This is why Mahai Mao is more expensive than ordinary wool.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that there is a kind of lamb (LAMB), also known as lamb. Because the lamb is immature, its hair is short and rough, so the upper body is compared, which is not suitable for making sweaters.



I believe that many babies are the same as cakes. I heard the elders at home saying a word called “Kaisi” since childhood. When mothers discuss clothes, they always give unlimited praise to “Cashi Mi”. When I grew up, I knew that “Cashi Mi” was actually transliterated by English words Cashmere, which means cashmere.

Compared with wool, cashmere is more expensive. only

From the goat

A thin layer of fine velvet that grows in the outer epidermal layer of the goat and covers the roots of the thick hair of the goat can be called cashmere. This kind of velvet grows only when the winter is cold every year, and it will naturally fall off after spring. When collecting cashmere, you need to comb the velvet with a professional iron comb. Generally speaking, the most basic cashmere sweater also requires the sum of the fluffy of 5 cashmere sheep.


SO, the overall output of cashmere is so low and so rare that it is called “soft gold”. After all, it only accounts for 0.2%of the total animal fiber of about the world.

☀ alpaca

Here the cake actively adds a kind of fire that was once fried by knowing


There is no doubt that this hair is from the “grass mud horse”. Alpacas that mainly live in the Andes, because of the harsh environment, can resist extreme temperature changes, moisturize and effectively resist sunlight radiation.

Alpaca fiber contains a visible marrow cavity under a microscope, so its heating performance is better than wool, cashmere and horse sea hair. The tyrants please target.

K mink (mink)

Speaking of warming fabrics, naturally I have to mention the mink velvet that is indispensable in the northeast. The mink velvet, also known as the ,, is not the mink from the mink coat, but from the 貉. The mink velvet fabric has obvious velvet feel. Its velvet is longer and more straight than cashmere, but it is shorter than rabbit hair.


In terms of warmth,

Mink velvet is more warmer than cashmere, but the feel does not feel soft and waxy,

Wearing mink velvet products will even feel hot indoors, so it is enough for babies in the north. And its texture is light, and the visual effect is thinner than cashmere.

In addition, the hair will be dropped after the upper body of the mink hair. The short hair will be slightly slightly fur, and the long hair will be more severe. We must remind the mane during breastfeeding.

… naked boundary …


In general, cashmere warmth is better than wool. Under the same case, the warmth of cashmere is 8 times the wool, but the weight is only 1/5 of the wool. Especially the cashmere in the bitter cold zone is the most precious.

And the degree of warmth of wool and cashmere is the thickness of its fiber. According to the thickness and composition of these animal fibers, we have such a general heating theory sorting: vircuna alpaca hair > Matsus > Maguu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Na Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao > Mihai Mao> Milo Nu Nuu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Na Mao > Milo Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Na Mao Wool > Wool (not absolute).

Of course, the skin -friendly cake still feels that it is cashmere. Generally, the wool will feel the touch of Rong Yan’s needle, and the rabbit hair and mink hair are really terrible … Integrate the cakes, it is recommended that the girls:

Permanent items such as scarf, bottom socks, knitwear, etc. Choose cashmere;

Secondly cost -effective, sweater and sweater can choose beautiful slaves;

Non -wearing items, and suit coats, of course, you can buy wool fabrics.


How to distinguish when buying?

After listening to a few groups of nouns, do you figure out the differences of their differences ~~ But you must still want to ask the cakes, saying so many terms, what should we pay attention to when we buy?


In fact, the difference between the fabrics of animal fibers and the yarn is difficult to completely identify with the naked eye, which is too deep here!

For example, the authentic judgment of cashmere wool, the best -used “fire burning identification cashmere authenticity method” in the legend is not feasible. The method of burning can only distinguish chemical fiber and animal fluff, not prove that it is cashmere. Looking at your hair, the effect is the same ~ So, judging that authenticity can only pass experience.

Cashmere can be judged by weight, comprehensive feel, warmth and color.

The picture comes from the Internet

Even if it is really cashmere wool, the quality of the fabric depends on the wool fiber itself, textile and post -treatment … many factors.

In general, there are too many factors involved. To choose a real wool product, the cake is still recommended to see the credibility of the merchant (brand reputation) and even screen it through Money’s height. After all, “one penny, one penny” has a certain reason. So when choosing, the cakes have these suggestions to the girls:

The brand that recognizes word of mouth, the level of cashmere wool through data:

The method of measuring the thickness of the most common wool cashmere, people call it a


Essence The number is generally represented by S in clothing, such as 100s. What girls need to remember are just,


The higher the number, the more thin the fiber is


The softened the more soft, the smooth and smooth

The better the warmth, the more expensive the price is

Essence These data for girls to buy when buying:


As far as wool products are concerned, in fact, most of the low -grade wool fabric content of most fabrics is low, and the number of discussions will not be talked about at all. The number of branches will be divided.

The division of ordinary wool (WOOL) level

Low -end

The hair content is <50%

Low -end

50%-95%hair content

Middle and high -end

Pure hair fabrics with fur content ≥95%, 100 -130


120 -180





Of course, as long as the number of pure wool exceeds 100, the degree of warmth is close to the cashmere. For example, the most expensive Super250 of Scabal is the top luxury wool fabric.

Meru Nu wool

As the closest Meru Nu wool, most of its total is 60-70, and the ultra -fine Milo Nu is called a real good wool.

Meru Nu wool grade division

Super fine Mero

≥70, the average fineness is <19.5 microns

Fine hair



Medium hair


Coarse hair



Cashmere products are divided into two types: pure cashmere and cashmere:

Pure cashmere manufacturers contain more than 95%cashmere ingredients;

The voltage content of cashmere manufacturing products is more than 30%, while those with a velvet content below 30%cannot be called cashmere products.


The difference between cashmere count

Rough spinning cashmere

24S 26S 27S 28S

Fine cashmere


High -precision woven cashmere


56, 60, 80



200 300

The characteristics of high -precision cashmere is: the rings of the “King of Cashmere”, which is called “King of Cashmere”, is extremely light, thin, soft, slippery, and warm, and can easily pass through a ring. 300 is the limit of the current process of cashmere ~

Judging from the price

Cashmere feels comfortable and high -number of fabrics will be more expensive. At present, the price of cashmere on the market is about 1.3 million/ton (about 1.3 yuan/gram), while the wool is only 300,000/ton, and the increase is quite high. Therefore, the girls should polish their eyes when buying cashmere:

Usually on Taobao, you can definitely buy a genuine wool coat with a genuine hair content of 70-80%, and if you want to buy a “30%cashmere coat” at the same price, it is almost not possible.

And a m -coded lady pure cashmere sweater, the simplest weaving, the fabric is also 300 pieces, and the cost of handmade fees is about 400. So, buy cashmere cheap low prices? It’s really unlikely, babies ~

Take the most powerful Uniqlo cashmere shirt with the most compressed cost. As the most cost -effective choice, the price is also 599RMB.

And the fabric is more mad than Uniqlo’s mad MUJI, priced at 748 yuan. Therefore, even in the pursuit of cost -effective and cheap brands, the price of good cashmere sweaters will not be low.

Of course, if you want to choose a slightly lower price, but the warmth effect is ideal? Girls may wish to try beautiful slave wool sweater. Taking Uniqlo as an example, a beautiful slave sweater is only sold for 199RMB, and only 99 is even 99.



In addition to the above knowledge, in fact, there are still some when buying

Small law

You can learn from:

The degree of warmth of cashmere is related to the living environment of goats. Generally, the colder the fluff in the cold environment, the better, the more delicate cashmere. The better the cashmere products generally choose to use the most primitive color to reflect the characteristics of the wool itself. For those cashmere cashmere of “heavy makeup”, you must weigh well.

The number is not absolute. The fabrics of the large manufacturers are well done in the later period.


Where to buy?

It is precisely because everyone’s fanaticism has caused the outbreak of fake goods on the market. Where do you buy reliable cashmere? In addition to the two cost -effective options mentioned above, there are more daily choices suitable for young girls:

As a high -end brand of H & M Group, COS’s simple and pragmatic route, a 100%cashmere sweater is about 900-1500RMB.

In addition, the cakes are always recommended Massimo Dutti, which belongs to the same Inditex Group as ZARA, and also take the simple line of quality. The price is about 1000RMB up and down ~

Of course, the domestic cashmere brand is actually carrying the handle: For example, Ordos, 1436, Hengyuanxiang, Beilong, Chunzhu, Deer King, … are all good choices.


Go home in the New Year and give your parents a high -quality domestic cashmere scarf, send warmth and satisfy the elderly’s special obsession with cashmere products, which can be said to be a very worthy gift.

Who said that cashmere is unique to middle -aged and elderly people? Babies who are pursuing fashion can also find quite IN cashmere items. Recently, the domestic cashmere brand 1436 and the famous designer brand UMA WANG launched the 1436 × UMA WANG cashmere series, adding trendy elements to the traditional cashmere products, which can be said to be a historical innovation.

And go high? The cake does not need to be listed. There are many other brands of cashmere sweater. From J.Crew to Joseph, The Row, Jil Sander, Barrie Lemaire and Céline, etc. Also, there are tens of thousands of Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli … I hope to become the goal of cake struggle.


Maintenance and washing method

In the end, no matter how good the fabric and the expensive clothes, they need to take care of it carefully.

Whether it is wool, cashmere or mink, they belong to the velvet products that are easy to get the ball, especially cashmere and mink velvet are more delicate. Pay attention to reducing friction with hard objects to avoid the ball. Therefore, when making internal use, try to match it with smooth surface clothes, as much as possible with rough and hard clothing such as denim, hemp, and chemical fiber.






Of course, even if you are cautious, you will inevitably get the ball. At this time, you need to use clothes to take care of the dust to go to the ball. It is best to wear clothes once a week ~


▼ German Redecker cashmere clothing nursing brush

▼ Japanese Edo House Black Pork Sweater Dust Win

MUJI clothing brush

For the stubborn big hair balls on the clothes, you need to use the hair ball processor to remove it. Taobao just buy one is OK ~ Philips, Feike … All dozens of pieces can be done.


laundry guide

It is also what everyone must pay attention to. Generally speaking, cashmere wool coats are recommended to send professional laundry dry cleaning, and sweaters can be cleaned in the following two methods:

①Phding sweaters from the inside → Put a special detergent in water around 35 ° C and soak for about 15 minutes → Gently rub it with your hands (avoid the ball less) → then wash it with warm water 2-3 times → squeeze and dewater (do not want Wire dry, otherwise it will be easy to deform) → drying

②Prip the sweater from the inside → adjust the washing machine to the watersing gear (not more than 600 rpm/cents), cold water, add a special washing solution → without drilling

For the washing machine at home, the wool gear or the rough man, just wash the level and dry it. Remember the way to dry the cashmere clothing to you before the cake? Just search for a vegetable dehydration basket ~ When it comes to washing liquid, it is recommended that the cashmere & wool washing solution of The Laundress in the United States is very easy to use.


The last thing to emphasize is




Cashmere wool knitted fabrics are easy to suspend deformation for a long time. It is best to store it flat with the clothing storage bag after stacking, and pay attention to shading to prevent fading.

It is best to give you a rest time when you wear it, don’t wear it continuously ~

Bing mushrooms: Okay, recently have popularized many fabric maintenance knowledge. I hope that the mushrooms and cakes will share it together.

Alright, it’s sauce today ~ Meet it!

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