Beauty Appraisal: Estee Lauder red pomegranate water authenticity and false identification of true and false identification map


Have you ever entered the pit? Are you still worried that you have been deceived and have a pair of fire eyes and golden eyes. After all, the pupae is a fake. The simulation is always simulation. What you want is your carefulness. How to distinguish the authenticity of Estee Lauder pomegranate water? Come and test your eyes together, let’s find the difference!

Look at the box

The box on the left is brighter and the font is golden; the fake box on the right is dark, the font is insufficient, and it is yellow. However, there are comparison to see that there is no comparison that it is difficult to see true and false.


Look at the bottle body


The bottle on the left is darker, the font is golden, the font is thinner, and the golden color of the bottle cap is lighter, slightly hazy. Very bright, like the feeling of gilt gold. It can be seen that it is difficult to see that there is no comparison.


Bottle cap

The bottle cap on the left is smooth and meticulous, and the fake bottle cap on the right has a pattern, and the workmanship is rough.

Well, today’s identification tips are here, babies who are interested or doubtful can pay attention to makeup and leave a question ~