Derived from liquid material protecting Shubao Beijing released a new sanitary napkin

0 Comments, October 26th. On the evening of the 25th, Huhu Bao released a “futuristic sense” sanitary napkin from liquid materials, which will bring a new comfortable experience of menstruation to women across the country.

“Since the first launch of the first sanitary napkin products with wing -winged wings in 1984, more than 30 years, protecting Shubao has been leading technology in the field of women’s care. We know that Chinese women have very high requirements for menstrual comfort. This It means that our products must be done better. “Hesham Tohamy, president of the female care category of Procter & Gamine in Greater China, said:” The care of Shubao’s future sense is a revolutionary product. The unremitting exploration of personnel for more than 20 years, the comfort of its “nothing” will redefine women’s understanding of menstrual care products.

The world’s first sanitary napkin that is from liquid materials in the world is officially released

源自液体材料 护舒宝北京发布新品卫生巾

This product uses the absorption material of the global original Flexfoam 逡 from the liquid, and the integrated molding; the 3D-FIT personal curve design improves the elasticity of the towel body and perfectly fit the human body shape; Provide extraordinary protection.

The worldwide protection of the global care of the sanitary napkin, the towel body is composed of high -density FLEXFOAM absorbing materials from the liquid. The structure is dense and the water absorption is very strong. It can absorb 10 times the liquid of self -weight. Its unique dual -density absorption layer design can quickly and effectively transmit liquids downward, and at the same time, it is quickly dispersed at the bottom, so that the liquid is tightly locked at the bottom before staying at the surface. FlexFoam’s absorption material will not be changed by the weight or temperature of menstrual blood to change its own structure. Therefore, no matter how much water absorbs, it still fit the body. The touch is as good as something.

源自液体材料 护舒宝北京发布新品卫生巾

Another eye-catching innovation technology that protects Shubao’s future and cares about sanitary napkins is its 3D-FIT tail groove. With FlexFoam’s knowledge of elasticity, it seems that the 3D memory cotton is perfectly fitted with the human body, regardless of whether How to squeeze can quickly reply to the original shape, seamlessly fit the body, and stay away from the trouble of leakage. At the press conference, Lushubao simulated women with high, middle and low -speed washing machines that mites the external force that might receive sanitary napkins during the use of sanitary napkins. The test proves that even if the ultra -high speed rotates repeatedly in the washing machine, after 180 seconds of uninterrupted squeezing impact, this new generation of sanitary napkin products can still maintain the original shape, and even no creases can be seen, so that the audience is admired by the audience.

Experts from the development of Shubao at the present said that the care of Shubao’s futuristic sanitary napkin has achieved no additional fluorescent agents; it is also a professional product that meets the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard, which is worthy of every consumer trust. Essence

It is reported that the only production place for the care of Shubao to protect the sanitary napkin was on the banks of Ontario, Canada. Since 2014, it has begun to land on the Chinese e -commerce platform, and sales during the two -year test period have continued to rise, and even in short supply. To this end, Huhubao built a new plant in Budapest, Hungarian River on the foot of the Danube at the foot of the Alps at the foot of the Alps. The water source in the area is the same as the Yiyun town. The new production line has greatly enhanced product production capacity to meet the needs of fans in China and even the world.

Chinese female consumers have increased their requirements for life, making menstrual comfort becoming a major standard for measuring their quality of life; this makes the function and quality of sanitary napkins particularly important. According to the research and development of Hupu Bao, many girls will blame themselves or menstrual periods. In fact, when using a suitable sanitary napkin product, physical discomfort can be greatly reduced, which also slows down psychological discomfort. Xugu Bao brings a better experience to women through a series of new materials, new technologies, and new products. This is the spirit of “comfort and free imagination” expressed by the Hushubao brand.