Warm heart! Support the “Light of Domestic Goods” in a scenic spot in Guizhou wearing “Hongxing Erk” sports shoes for free tickets


“Moved, praise our Guizhou! Come on in China! Come on in Henan!” “I climbed my”



‘Turn out. “” Supporting the Light of Domestic Goods “finally saw Guizhou shot. “…


A few days ago, a video of “Before August 1st, a tourist wearing” Hongxing Erk “sneakers, and entering the videos of the Scenic Scenic Spot in the Southeast Southeast of Guizhou Guizhou” was released, they were supported by the majority of netizens. Essence

“This is true, I hope to support domestic goods in this way.” On July 26, the reporter contacted the 4A -level scenic spot. The relevant person in charge of the scenic area operation department said that from July 25th to August 1st, tourists wear “Hongxing Erk” sports shoes can enter the scenic area for free.

“The company had also thought of donations before, but after research, I finally decided to do my own heart in this way.” After the news was issued on July 25, many netizens were reposted and commented. Many tourists consult in different ways.

“Is wearing ‘Hongxing Erk’ for free?” At the same time, for the concerns of netizens, the Scenic Area Operation Department explained that when entering the scenic area, the staff will check whether the tourists meet the conditions for free tickets. Tourists can enter the scenic area for free tickets within the specified period. But at present, the scenic spot has not received tourists wearing “Hongxingrke” sneakers.


It is reported that Xiaqi Ancient Town is located in Xiasi Town, Kaili City, Guizhou, Guizhou Province. Because of the place where the land is settled downstream, he is named his boss, known as: “Humanities and Landscapes”.


The reporter inquired that in order to support the “light of domestic goods”, many scenic spots in the country announced that within a certain period of time, wearing “Hongxingrke” free tickets or semi -price discounts, some for all products of the brand, and some targeting the brand’s products, some are targeted at the brand’s products, some are targeted at the brand, and some are targeted at the brand, and some are targeted at the brand. sports shoes. Netizens said that this is the national brand and national self -confidence.


(Guiyang Daily Rong Media Reporter Yang Xuemei Cheng Hongfei)