4 types of lotion with super hydration: replenish skin nutrients, degrade melanin


Women are made of water. This sentence is indeed scientific. Canadian scientists have demonstrated this view for the first time, thereby accelerating the birth of skin hydration technology. Therefore, it is advocated that people must solve skin aging.


Lishuquan Balanced Clear Sofee Water

This product of Lichuanquan’s family is very suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is quite comfortable when used in the refreshing texture, and it can also maintain the skin to reach a balanced state. Adhere to the use of the skin not only to supplement the skin to hydrate, but also It can also improve the health of the skin.

Shiseido Xinyang Beauty Musculus Embrase Milk

This is the texture of the gel. It is very refreshing, it is better to absorb, the fragrance taste is very good. The effect of moisturizing and moisturizing is very good. It can feel that the skin becomes tender every day, and it can also effectively improve the dullness of the skin. The ingredients used are also plant essences. Essence



Pure dew is a saturated aqueous solution of pure natural plant distillation. It is very mild for the skin and is suitable for various sensitive skin. Pure dew can replace toner for daily hydration, without worrying about skin damage. The moist and refreshing texture, there is no burden on the face, and with a pure rose fragrance, it is fresh like a morning dew that just collected from the petals, giving the skin constantly injecting vitality. It is better to use it every day. Apply 3 minutes on your face, just like grunting and full of water. The situation of severe conditions, T -area, and acne are obviously soothing, and the original dull skin tone was “translucent”. It can be applied to the toner and the “water mask” for a long time. A few drops are dripped during bathing. The fragile physiological period and pregnancy period, it is also particularly peaceful and comfortable to use it, it is worthy of unlimited repurchase! After using it for a while, my skin became as white and delicate as silk!

MUJI balance lotion


MUJI’s balanced series of lotion is more suitable for the skin that needs to adjust the balance of water and oil. This is the main thing. There are two options of high moisturizing and refreshing types. In the summer, the refreshing type is really comfortable. It is important that the taste of orange soda is very good.

Due to the differences in the skin of different people, you must remember to test it first when choosing toner to see if your skin is allergic.

In addition, because there are few sebum in winter, it is easy to produce pigment precipitation. Therefore, skin maintenance should be mainly hydrated and moisturizing. Do not apply too thick on your face, let alone lazy and not makeup!


In addition, if you want good skin, it is best to choose cotton clothes in winter to reduce the damage to the skin. Eat more foods with more vitamin A and vitamin C. Be sure to drink plenty of water or honey water.

You know the good skin, it is raised! Don’t be lazy!

4 types of lotion with super hydration: replenish skin nutrients, degrade melanin