The reason for the POE switch does not supply power?


The POE switch has no power supply during use. How should we solve it? We generally use the method of fault investigation. The editors of Hangzhou Fei Chang Technology are taken below to take a detailed understanding!

1. First determine whether the electric device supports POE power supply

Not all devices can support POE power supply. Although PSE will automatically detect at the beginning of power supply, please remember that this time is very short. If the device is supported, then PSE will be powered within 15μs. Therefore If you don’t supply power, please don’t take it for granted that the device is testing.

2. Detect whether the power of the electrical end equipment exceeds the maximum power supply power of the switch port

The port of the POE switch is generally provided with a 2 -hour power supply power, 15.4W and 30W. If a 15.4W switch is used, when the power of the electrical end device exceeds 15.4W, it will not be able to supply power or failure.


3. Detect whether the total power of the PD device exceeds the total power supply power of the switch

In addition to the power supply power of a single port, the POE switch also has the total power supply power. The total power supply power supply of high -power switches on the market is 90W, the power supply power of a single port is 15.4W, and the most port is 8 switches. Therefore, if the exchanges are converted, all ports reach 8*15.4 = 123.2W. This exceeds the total power of the switch, and there will be problems with power supply. Therefore, when using the switch, you must consider this power problem. Matching the equipment with large power and small power equipment.

Well, the above content is the analysis of the reasons for non -power supply supply of Fei Chang Technology about POE switches. I hope it can help everyone!

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