OOTD | Japanese Leisure Dress


Hello, I love to wear Kiki


Today, I brought 4 系 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天

Fresh and small retro

Simple T -shirts with a pair of pants can create a very Japanese feeling

The favorite of the student party, cheap and fashionable


T -shirt: Hong Kong Ji Portji

Hat: no orange flagship store

Belt pants: Beirona flagship store


Women’s bag: Li Ning’s official online store

Women’s shoes: Pailaili Online Store


Hat: The Geometry Lab

Pants: Lathabell Clothing Brand Store

Women’s bag: Li Ning’s official Outlets shop

Women’s shoes: A12 women’s flagship store


Hat: UR official flagship store

Women’s pants: Belona flagship store

Women’s bag: Lozynn Luo Qi flagship store

Women’s shoes: New Belle Olage genuine




Hat: Qianxi Located Jewelry

Belt pants: civicra era shop

Women’s bag: Aihua Shi flagship store

Women’s shoes: Vancl Fanke Eslite flagship store

T -shirt: Hong Kong Ji Portji

T -shirt: Hong Kong Ji Portji

T -shirt: Hong Kong Ji Portji