Star Private Server A week summary NO.2 to see how your love beans are worn this week


Summary of clothing with celebrities participating in the event this week:

Gulina TV series “Ten Years March 30” Shanghai Publication Conference

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Dress comes from Fendi 2018 Spring / Summer Series

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Golden high heels from Jimmy Choo

Sun Yan Shenzhen Old Temple Gold Conference

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

The plaid suit set comes from TIBI 2018 spring and summer series

High -heeled shoes from Christian Louboutin

Jewelry comes from the new product “Exquisite Lock” series

The atmospheric and gentle and clean shape shows the concise new Chinese style of women in the new era.

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Wang Junkai Jiaren February Magazine

Wearing Dolce & Gabbana has received the second five major single -person single -person seal, the big red is full of New Year atmosphere

The lipstick in my hand comes from Lancom Lancom Jing Pure Lipstick#132

Wang Junkai served the boy in the suit and arrived

Clothing comes from Dolce & Gabbana

Shoes are from nike

Chen Weiting updated photos on January 12

T -shirt from Acne Studios Navid Chino Green

Zhang Ziyi 1.12 “No Question West East” Chengdu Road Show

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Printed sweater from Prada

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

The pleated skirt comes from lacoste

Xu Weizhou interprets the warm winter men’s wear

The beige knitted sweater comes from the FENDI spring and summer series, with a light -colored grid jacket fresh and warm.

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Zhang Shaohan Hunan Satellite TV show

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Dress from M Essential 2018 Spring / Summer Series

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Earrings from Axente K

Shoes from mm6

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Highlight comes from topshop

明星私服一周汇总NO.2 进来看看你家爱豆这周如何穿搭

Gao Weiguang 1.14 Departure 2018 Underwater high -end watch international salon

Hatker & bags from fendi

Pants are from leshommes

The windbreaker comes from Beautyberry

Shoes from jkjy men’s shoes

Xi Qingzi 1.14 Milan Street Shooting

Red down jacket from Balenciaga

The shoulder bag comes from Chanel Gabrielle

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