Teach you a small trick in the bathroom, it is not difficult to deal with it at all


Teach you a small trick in the bathroom, it is not difficult to deal with it at all

As the smallest area of ​​the family, the non -toilet is the non -toilet; although the area is small, the proportion of usage is not ordinary -bathing should be used for bathing, and it must be used for washing hands and washing. It ~

The space of the bathroom is generally a dark grid, giving the overall feeling -the small pattern is dark and crowded. Using high frequency, cleaning difficulty in place, and not ventilating for a long time, it is normal to have odor in the bathroom.


Small opinion: The bathroom needs to do the basic work of dry and wet separation, nor can it ignore the work of deodorization and noise and anti -noise.

If there is no odor in the toilet, the bathroom has a odor, and 90 % is the reason for the floor drain.


As a multi -functional bathroom, it is best not to choose black floor tiles. The space that was dark. If the design style is dim, the bathroom can only become darker and darker. It is recommended to install anti -slip and bright floor tiles, cover the entire bathroom, and brighten the visual effect as a whole.

At least the floor drain must have triple protection (rust -proof and obstructive blocking). From the source, the smell of the bathroom is not selected, and there is a odor in the bathroom.

If you often go to the stadium to move, there will be no such doubts. Generally, the toilet of the bench is the problem of not doing a good job of ventilation and hygiene and floor drain. It will only be worse to put it on the aromatherapy.


Live: Imagine that the bathroom mixed exudes aroma and smell. It feels like a sense of smell ~ You said that the weight of the ground leakage is not important.

About the problem of bathroom noise. Don’t think that the toilet in the evening, as long as the movement is light enough, will not be noisy to the other half. The so -called sounds are emitted by vibration, which means that there will be sound if there is a movement, not to mention how slight, not to mention the rushing The sound of the toilet is simply that we cannot control it ~

Small opinion: I don’t want to be interfered by the toilet in the middle of the night. If you want to sleep late at night, the toilet’s sewage pipe is not easily interfered by the noise reduction treatment ~

There are more water in the bathroom. There are no bathrooms that are exposed to the balcony. The walls are prone to spots of mold, especially the dead ends. It is recommended to use the storage location when the decoration is designed. The empty position is relatively rich, and it is more convenient when cleaning. You don’t have to worry about the embarrassing problem of cleaning dead ends in the bathroom.

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