Top ten brands of labor shoes


Labor shoes are a shoe that is safely protected in the foot, which is very important for some workers with a certain dangerous profession. Many friends may have the need to buy labor shoes, but they don’t know much about labor -friendly shoes. Today, the editor of the first Shanghai will take you to understand what is the difference between the Labor and Insurance shoes of the first Shanghai?


Labor -friendly shoes are a kind of shoes that protect workers from external physical or chemical damage. The functions of labor -protecting shoes are anti -smashing, anti -piercing, anti -static, insulation, acid alkali resistance, cold -resistant, waterproof, cold -proof, high temperature resistance, anti -chemical damage, etc.


If you want to choose a good labor -friendly shoes, the price and brand are not the decisive factor, because the foot protection adopted by different environments is different. It’s like some people pursue some foreign brands. The price is very good, but the quality and the adaptive environment are not connected with the country. Instead, it will cause disappointment and form a psychological gap. And many foreign brands are produced and processed in China, which shows that domestic production processes are equally trustworthy.


The Safety Shoes Brand introduced to you today is a production unit specializing in safety protective supplies. It is a reassuring choice for customers to focus on this industry for more than 17 years and serve tens of thousands of enterprises!

Several major advantages of Shanghai Labor Sweet Shoes

1. The materials used in the first Shanghai Labor -friendly shoes are all reached standard and high -quality. For example, the first Shanghai Labor -friendly shoes used to use the European standards that fully meet the European standards. The national standard protective steel Baotou and non -metal Baotou can withstand the impact of more than 200J, with a static pressure of 15kn, and have good protection functions. Its built-in anti-thorns also meet the national standard GB21148-2020 standard. It not only has a strong anti-penetration power, but also effectively protects the soles of the foot.

2. The material of the first Shanghai Labor -friendly shoes is the head layer of cowhide, which has a soft wear resistance and high elastic function. And the rubber non -slip outsole or dual -density PU/PU (polyurethane) sole, with lower density and higher comfort. Similarly, its built -in can effectively bear the impact of high pressure and high energy, and has good anti -smashing and anti -pressure function. Its anti -piercing steel plate or Kafeika anti -piercing plate can effectively protect the safety of the workers’ feet, and the breathable design is more intimate.

First Shanghai SRC -class anti -slip sole

3. The first Shanghai Labor and Insurance shoes will breathe. The characteristic is that the entire pair of shoes uses a breathable fiber net, which allows the footsteps to get more free breathing space and ensure that the shoes are lighter. In addition, there is a cooling circulation system in the shoes, which is in line with ergonomic design. It not only has conventional anti -slip shock absorption function, but also maintains the breathability of the entire pair of shoes.

Top Ten Brands of Labor Shoes First Shanghai

The quality of the first Shanghai Labor Sweb is guaranteed, the price is very affordable, the manufacturer is formal, the relevant qualifications are complete, and there is a comprehensive after -sales service system, which gives workers more favorable guarantee.


In summary, the top ten brands of Labor Sweb shoe have the first Shanghai brand. It has its own labor -protection shoe factories. The brand has a history of 27 years. It is a stable labor -friendly shoe supplier for many large and medium -sized enterprises.