The distance between you and idols is only a pair of slippers.


Cold and cold, Hangzhou’s temperature next week is only 4 ° C!

As soon as the weather was cold, some warm products officially entered the peak sales season. From October, cotton slippers entered the peak production season, and the factory opened the “24 -hour consecutive axis transfer” production model.


Yi Uta Shoe Industry Co., Ltd.


not excluded.


Many people have never heard their factory names, but many places have their “figures”: for example

Wal -Mart, Dragon Hair, Uniqlo, MUJI, and even variety show “Sister who breaks the wind and waves”

The slippers behind them are them.

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Based on the mid -to -high -end market

Cooperate with well -known brands at home and abroad and many large businessmen

The slippers of Yiwu Tona Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc., and are suppliers of some well -known companies, such as Uniqlo, MUJI, and top.

At the same time, they also cooperate with some large chain vendors, such as Hong Kong Yongwang, Wal -Mart, Darunfa, Century Lianhua, Yonghui Supermarket, etc.

With the spread of the global epidemic, Tena’s shoe industry has also adjusted some strategies. In recent years, it has begun to broaden e -commerce channels. Now not only provides off offline merchants, but also supplies e -commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, Amazon, etc. Realize online and offline.

Last year, they also sponsored a variety show “Sister who broke the wind” in Hunan. The slippers worn by all female stars in the show were his house.

In fact, the scale of Yiwu Tona Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. is not large. There are more than 100 employees. The daily output of sandals can reach more than 100,000 pairs, and the daily output of cotton slippers can reach 30,000 pairs.

“Our company’s output is really not high, but we have always taken the mid -to -high -end route, paying more attention to product quality.” Liu Bo, the person in charge of Yiwu Tona Shoes Co., Ltd. told reporters, “Many factories now value sales more. Number, but we still pay more attention to quality, because I always think that only high -quality products can retain customers and occupy a place in the market. “


“At the same time, active innovation is also the key to a manufacturing enterprise based on the market,” Liu Bo said.

In addition to the company’s own designer team, they also signed school -enterprise cooperation with colleges and universities.

Multiple warm slippers are online


Good product quality, strong design, at the forefront of fashion

This year, the school and enterprise jointly designed a cotton slippers — the housing dual -use bear cotton dragging, winning the 2021 Gold Award of Tourism Commodity with Chinese characteristics.

“This slippers are the main model of this winter. The biggest feature is the design. One shoe is worn, relying on the heels of the back foot, but the loose band on the upper.” Liu Bo introduced.


A good pair of slippers, the design sense is very important, and the raw material is also very important. The material used in this slippers is a moisture -absorbent cloth and antibacterial sponge. It can also protect the hygiene of the foot while keeping warm. The soles are soft and the 180 ° distortions will not be broken.

Mao balls slippers are also very special. This slippers were originally specifically supplied to the ONLY brand, so they are more attentive in design and materials.

“The cost of this slippers is relatively high. First of all, this big hair ball is more expensive, and this slippers use high -quality long velvet hair, and the cost of raw materials is relatively high. Technology; Finally, this slippers have one more step in the production process, and there is a blowing link, so that it will be more time -consuming and laborious. “Liu Bo introduced.

In addition, caterpillar cotton shoes are the explosion of this year. “This cotton shoes were sold too hot. As soon as it was listed, it was robbed, but the raw materials were not available. I still owe a lot of goods. Some merchants went directly to my warehouse to move the remaining goods. “Liu Bo said helplessly that some downstream merchants were out of stock before they had time.

The above three slippers are more cute. If you want to buy simple models, you may wish to see the following models, such as Japanese plush slippers, simple slash slippers, home anti -slip shoes. These slippers are relatively simple and basic, suitable for family -based purchases.


Although the enterprise produces the mid -to -high -end slippers, the price Liu Bo gave “every life” this time is


So everyone can buy with confidence,

Ordinary ones only 29.9 yuan a pair



The cost is 39.9 a pair

Two doubles shipping


In order to further play the role of consumption on economic development, the impact of the new coronary pneumonia’s epidemic on the economic development of the province was minimized to the minimum. The “Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province on boosting consumption to promote stable economic growth” has been issued recently. The “Opinions” proposed 16 specific measures to boost consumption, including expanding new areas of intelligent consumption and vigorously cultivating the development of the night economy. The Daily Business Daily also actively acts and launch

Special report “boost consumption and help production and sales dock”



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