HM production sales unqualified shorts were fined 98,000 yuan


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2021-10-29 12:02

Investigation App Short Investigation, Recently, GAP Related Company Heavy (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. is not qualified for production and sales of unqualified products (involving GAP brand men’s down jackets and boy jeans), was confiscated by the Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision AdministrationMore than 50,000 yuan, a fine of more than 39,000 yuan, a total of about 450,000 yuan.

And Hayne Smoris (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. is HM, also due to production, sales unqualified products (involved in the brand deep black ladies casual shorts), was fined by the Shanghai Hongkou District Market Supervision and Administration.And ordered to stop illegal behavior.

(Internship Editor: Ni Junyi)