Small maintenance, monthly fuel fees exceeds thousands, Buick Jiyue investigation


LaCrosse is the high-end medium-sized car under the SAIC’s Buick, and the positioning is more business, luxurious. In most people’s impression, LaCrosse is the most intimate, one of the most cost-effective business cars, more than 5 meters long, 2.9 meters wheelbase can provide very spacious ride space, business reception is very face. However, it is precisely because of the business attributes of LaCbene too obvious, very few home users will choose it, so sales performance is always general.

Fortunately, in recent years, in the luxurious atmosphere, and the upgrade of the scientific and technological configuration, let the Jun have more “life taste”, and the product can take care of home. So, is the list of inexpensive? After all, the family users are very sensitive to the problem of raising car cars. For this problem, we will follow the LaChue, and the survey focuses on maintenance costs, insurance costs, and oil costs.

Insurance cost survey

The LaChue is equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, the price range is 21.98-289,800 yuan. According to our survey, the sales price of 239,800 yuan is the best sales, and the price is also the highest. The lowest model price is cheap, but the power of 1.5T is not in line with the identity positioning of LaCho; the high-equipped model “Avenir Avia” is high, but the price is also expensive, and more configuration is not big for everyday use. More It is to upgrade the grade, suitable for users with business needs. Therefore, we will use “652T luxury” as a Chinese area survey model.

According to the results of the insurance expenses of the survey, the price of Lu Yue’s ship is 480 yuan. After purchasing 1 million three responsibilities, car damage insurance, three major insurances in the insurance, and the insurance insurance, the total premium in the first year is about 7330 yuan, we take a three-year cycle Calculate (20% off the second year of standard premium, 7% off the third year), La Yue’s three-year insurance cost cost is about 18,345 yuan, an average annual premium is around 6115 yuan, and it is medium level in the same price product.


Maintenance cost survey


According to our results and maintenance manuals, Jun Yue’s first insurance (free) needs to be replaced by oil and machine filtering at 5000km or 6 months (first arrival), and subsequently minimally maintainance. LaCrosk air conditioner filter, air filter, fuel filter is replaced by 20,000 km or 24 months; the brake fluid is replaced every 300,000 km or 36 months; the spark plug is replaced every 600,000km, except for oil machine filter maintenance, others normal.


In terms of accessories and working hours, the price of Junyue oil is 692 yuan, the machine is filtered 112 yuan / piece, and the time-replaced labor time is 200 yuan; the air conditioner filter is 325 yuan, the time fee is 100 yuan; the air filter is 260 yuan, the working time is 64 yuan; The brake fluid is 81 yuan, the working time is 400 yuan; the spark plug is 136 yuan, the working time is 170 yuan.

In the case of a general household car for a year 20000km, three years 60000km is the car cycle, calculate the three-year maintenance fees, and the Jun is about 15383 yuan, and the average will take approximately 5,129 yuan, small maintenance at a minimum of 1004 yuan. It can be seen that the smaller maintenance exceeds 1,000 yuan, almost the same as many luxury brand cars, some are expensive, and the air conditioner filter is not very suitable. More importantly, if the maintenance is carried out according to the maintenance manual, the price will be higher. However, after actually use full synthetic motor oil, the maintenance cycle will be longer, so that the maintenance cost will also be at least two or three thousand yuan.

Oil investigation

The comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 6.9L / 100 kilometers. According to our investigation, the actual average fuel consumption is around 9.6L / 100 kilometers. With the current 7.3 yuan per liter of gasoline, the oil fee is calculated per liter of gasoline. The oil fee of 20000km is 14016 yuan, and the amount of 5,000km of three years is 4,2048 yuan, with an average of about 1168 yuan per month. In general, the more fuel consumption of LaCrosse, adding 95 gasoline to increase the cost of fuel costs.


We add the above maintenance costs, insurance costs, and oil costs. It can calculate that the cost of the three-year car is about 75,776 yuan, with an average of about 25,259 yuan per year, with an average monthly overhead of about 70.16 yuan. It can be seen that LaCroses are relatively high in maintenance costs or oil costs, small maintenance over 3,000 and 5000km maintenance interval, saying that the truth is not reasonable, but the later period can extend the maintenance cycle, reduce maintenance costs. However, the expenditure of oil fees may not be too easy to save, the fuel consumption of 10L is close to 10L, and use 95 gasoline, three years of oil costs account for most of the cars, and there may be no problem for official bus. But in a household car, it is not a bit higher.