Which is this? A group of people gathered to drink, playing cards is actually set cotton


Jining News Network News (Reporter Cui Shengyou Correspondent Sun Jian Tao Cheng Lin) Every winter, the Shuishi County micro-welfare association will send love cotton, clothes and other children’s children’s hands, let them warm the winter, “warm winter action” has been lasts for many years .

Every evening seven or eight o’clock, the Office of the Weishi County Micro-Propieties Association is clear. Local, many love people come here, sewing cotton, especially on Thursday night, it is lively, this is the “men special” that the association is open, and there are people with love, and some shop cotton is covered. Piercing lead wire, some to sew, everyone can do it. Soon, the twenty-ten bed soft and new cotton was pushed into a high small wall.

这是闹的哪一出?一群爷们儿相聚不为喝酒打牌 竟是套棉被

In the weekend, these quilts will follow the Shuishui Weicheng Association staff to come to the remote rural areas of Surabo County, giving them difficulties in the family, so that they are not afraid of cold and warm in this winter.

这是闹的哪一出?一群爷们儿相聚不为喝酒打牌 竟是套棉被

Sun Jian Tao, president of Surabayao Micro Propieties, told reporters that “Warm Winter Action” has been continuously carried out for many years, and every year is increasing, this year has added “warm cottage”, and the children in the mountains build warm cottage, let them be comfortable. Studying in the environment, as long as the children need, as long as it is a hard-working family, it is a service project of the Surabaya Miye Association.

这是闹的哪一出?一群爷们儿相聚不为喝酒打牌 竟是套棉被

The reporter learned that in this year’s 99 public welfare, the “micro love 1 plus N growth plan” project launched by the Shuishi County Micro Communication Association, with the strong support of all love companies, groups and individuals, complete fundraising funds through Tencent public welfare platform More than 2.45 million yuan, the payment is more than 165 million yuan, and the music garden has donated 70,000 yuan, three days a total of more than 4 million yuan. All of the communities are fully involved, showing the great enthusiasm of all participants to participate in public welfare, practicing the solemn commitment of Surabaya “to create the most love city, the most temperature”.