The winter is here, just buy a down jacket for the elderly


On the way to practice riding from the Yoga Pavilion today, look at the black sports pants you wear. Think of the pants in winter as if there are nothing else except sports pants. I used to wear leggings and leather boots in winter when I went to work. Now I do n’t go to work. Whoever wants to wear such restrained clothes, of course, how comfortable and how. But the clear sports pants are not easy to put on clothes, so I want to buy a pair of thick jeans for myself. This is really versatile pants. When I walked into our local shopping mall, I went straight to the women’s clothing on the second floor and soon found a good quality counter. The clerk enthusiastically recommended me with velvet jeans, there are two colors of blue and tobacco. The colors were tried, and the gray was finally selected. It is said that the gray denim is popular this year. In the end, I bought it and dressed directly to go downstairs.


Go to the first floor to see that there are clothing near the elevator for activities, usually I will visit it. It turned out to be a brand down jacket discount promotion. I took a closer look and felt that the clothes were quite thick. It was really not low to look at the charging volume marked on the label, which was very suitable for cold winter. The clerk was very dazzling and came to recommend it immediately. I saw which clothes I saw, she said that this one was very good, I was very visible, and I couldn’t hold it. In fact, when I saw a down jacket, I thought of buying one for my dad. When my parents and I live in the same community. Every morning when I am preparing to cook in the kitchen, I often see my dad bend downstairs. He bought clothes. It wasn’t that he didn’t wear clothes. The old man’s social circle was narrow, and my dad didn’t pay attention, so he was too lazy to change it often. But every time I saw him as a daughter, he always wore the same clothes. He was very unwilling. I always felt that my dad was too small in exchange for too much. So if I enter the mall to buy clothes, I will definitely buy it with my parents. Today is no exception. I picked a black down jacket for my dad, and the wind was thick. I felt that he would like it. Back to my parents’ house, Dad looked at the clothes I bought for him. While blame me to buy clothes, I quickly tried it to try it out. Dad also said happily, yes, and a hat, practical. My mother also joked my dad aside, I think you are longer and more handsome, and you have new clothes every day! My heart was very proud. Seeing that I was grasp of my dad’s size, I could buy his heart every time. When I left, I repeatedly explained that my dad must put on a new clothes. Don’t press the bottom of the box, that is the real waste.


Thinking of my life when I was young, I never cared too much about my parents. Nowadays, my affection is getting heavier in my heart, and I feel that my family’s safety is my biggest closure. The person who cares about you most in this world is the family. From them, I really realize that love is not request, but to pay. You give a love for them. In fact, you have gained double love. This kind of happiness and warmth. I sincerely wish everyone to have this happiness!

(Attach the packaging bag I bought, a little literary style, I like it very much.)