The most commemorated birthday gift list in 2018, these 10 most popular people


There is a saying that it is good – a good look, the fun of the soul is one! This sentence is also suitable for gifts.

Indeed, there are many high-quality birthday presents on the market, and there are also many creative birthday gifts, but there are not many gifts that can be poked, it is not necessarily expensive, but it is more touched. More people can make it unforgettable!

However, this kind of gift is often not easy to be excavated, then how do we pick up these gifts? Today, the gift exchange Xiaobian selection 10 according to the big data, I hope to help those friends who don’t have a hair!

1, DIY memory vintage film photo album, Christmas gift to TA’s creative romantic gift


This is a creative memory vintage film photo album, combined with modern printing technology and design elements in the form of old film, continues to transfer the beautiful warm memories of the film era. Record the time to make a gift, pull the film, surprise full, and recall slowly launch slowly. When you boring your phone, you found a photo of our photo. Memory swaying, some is like yesterday, some have been forgotten. The old time seems to be a fluny film, record with you, beautiful warm moments, those who have lost their lives, always make you tears, some moments, there is nothing special but who is around! Time is the most extravagant thief, so I want to get the memory to you! The gift box gift box is designed with a new original retro movie gift box, and is given to a special FLM of TA. Suitable for confession, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc., give girlfriend, wife, girlfriends, etc. or yourself!

DIY memory retro film album

2, DIY manual paste photo album

Creative photo albums that can be passed by hand, record the classic moments such as time lapse, growth and footprint, love history, with eight DIY configuration tools, lovers, friends, students, girlfriends very love gift, there is wood.

DIY manual paste photo album


3, DIY photo book handmade magazine photo album

Don’t let the photos will sleep in your phone! ! Quick print! 26P magazine, A4 is so big, ultra-clear printing never faded, baby wedding travel photo variety template, baby parent, sweet love, gift literary travel, graduation party, personal photo, business, etc. Free design. Make a photo into a magazine, all kinds of scenes can be selected, it is more meaningful than the photo on the phone ~

DIY Photo Book Handmade Magazine Album


4, DIY custom creative woodcut color carving photo

The second generation of color carvings, gives a wooden approach more colors. Woodcut art, picture, picture, character portrait, so that beautiful moments become eternal classics, give the most sincere gift to TA.

DIY custom creative woodcut drawing photo


5, creative live soft Tao male customs custom

Provide live photos, professional soft artists can make people with real-art clay dolls, high similarity, cartoon q version, charm is full, can be treasured, and create exclusive gifts.

Creative live soft pottery custom


6, custom photo sun tank

Store a bouquet of sunshine, make a mistake, let the night are no longer black, so that the heart is not alone. This is a magical jar, collects the sun during the day, stored in the beach, when the night dropped, the sunshine in the jar resembled, bringing you a warmth. You can also customize your own photos, write a greeting card, send classmates, lovers, and friends are unique.

Custom photo sun tank

7, photo book photo book lovers book shake with paragraph

Couples customize photos, feel the memory of time, retain the beauty of youth. Let the homemade book more look like the literary fan, the appearance is fashionable, outlined out your own memories, and achieve your exclusive. Cover layout fashion literary, gift retain a little drop in your life, full of memories. With vintage rice-yellow art paper, surface micro tabs showed artistic atmosphere. The matte effect reflects a few more retro temperament, the size is just right, neither too thick, it is very textured in the hands, full of full content, retaining a memorable memory.

Photo book photo book lovers book

8, personalized creative DIY photo custom sand painting

Staring at your lover, touching the sand of the time, let the memories are returning to the eyes, hugging, painting, looking at the time. Your look is the most beautiful scenery, a sand painting that can be fixed her most beautiful, gift giving classical production technique plus the realistic reproduction of the look, the mind and creativity are full, give to her, welcome feelings together Let’s start. Simply provide photos, you can complete the sand painting customization, you can add words, come with photo frame to decorate, a sand painting, a relationship, a story, dedicated to dear TA.


Personality creative DIY photo custom sand painting


9, magical magic color changing cup custom photo


Magical magic color changing cup, when the water temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the pattern can be displayed, and the photo customization can be provided to create your exclusive water cup. Send friends, send lover, send loved ones, send girms, a cup, for a lifetime!

Magical Magic Coloring Cup

10, creative photo pushpin painting nail


Create a push-up painting, no heart, no love! Multiple process output renderings, rich pixel art effect. Provide your own photos, the merchant will customize a pair of different numbers of polka dot maps, gifts then handle the corresponding number of the pushpin into the dot on the drawing, the picture will slowly Presentation is in front of you. Customize your favorite TA, touching and surprised artifacts.


Creative photo pushpin painting nail