Can I recommend some male student suitable for a large-capacity backpack?


As a long-lasting trend, the shoulder bag has been deeply accused of students, people, business people, as a single product, can be full of their own style; as a travel tool, it can be very intimate “Parcels”, not only can resist!


The word “tide” may be difficult to fill a word of many boys! Because the boy thinks is that the product is comfortable to complete its mission, it is the most right thing, as for the tide, look at God. Today, I will give you a gospel, and a single product of the tide male must-have a backpack.

The application of the bunker is really not picking the crowd. Even if there is a man, a young man, has recently worked that the saddle-free boy can support this backpack without pressure. The appearance of the appraisal bid shoulder bag is very nice, is a very fashionable business style, eternal black appearance

There is no special decoration, very simple. Whole packages use three-dimensional crop design, with a wild shape. The flip design is open and convenient.

Breaking the old impression of the shoulder bag, add more temperament.

The internal capacity is very large, there is a large capacity of 38 liters, and the interior contains three major partition design.

The most close-fitted laptop, intimately use the soft particle protective layer to prevent bumps on the road to the computer. There is a multi-function combination bag in the second floor file business warehouse, files can be placed separately, and the replacement of items such as keys, mobile phones does not conflict. When you want to take it, it is easy to find and convenient.

It is worth mentioning that now Guangdong has arrived in the autumn and winter season. In the morning, the weather is particularly cold, and it will be unheneited to wear a piece of clothes. However, when I arrived at noon, the temperature of the sun was rising. At this time, a shoulder bag has a dry and wet separation bag, which is particularly convenient. We can put this dress into the shoulder bag, which is very suitable for students to follow class.


Dry wet separation warefaction design, intimate can be classified and wet clothing, towels, etc. There is a side bag in the left and right, which can be used to load the items such as water cups, umbrellas, and will not fall again.


In addition, the application of the appraisal bidding shoulder bag USB version is also equipped with a USB charging interface. When your phone is not electricity, insert the backpack interface, it can make it easy to charge. In the design, the physical anti-theft will be designed, and the physical anti-theft buckle is deliberate, and it is possible to lock the back bag. Personal valuables such as mobile phones, wallets can be placed, which is very peaceful. The security-burglar zipper, anti-theft is not public, so that the bag has double protection.

A practical energy, fashion and concise appraisal lacquered backpack is definitely a must-active necessities, and the college students use it, don’t you?