I like the Messenger bag, I can’t miss these four good-looking and affordable backpacks.


After the next period, I will recommend the backpack for everyone. Some small partners say that the private letter is said: “I feel that the Messenger bag is not enough, can I have a special introduction to the article of the Messenger bag?” Since you ask, the uncle satisfies you! ” Today, give you a “Messenger Bag”, let you know a variety of Messenger bags!

First, American retro N1 deck package

First, give you a US retro N1 deck package, the military’s main color does not need to say it, it can be seen that its military history is, more interesting is that anyone thinks,


It can also be a hat outside the Messenger.


This is a piece of item in the NAVY, developed by Navy, the United States, developed by Navy in the United States. At the beginning of the design, the designer is to bring more ammunition and replenishment with the soldiers. The wet cold weather in the sea, the soldiers more time to wear it as a hacle, and the deck is also named.

Although it is not a wax fabric, retro stickers can still be displayed on the backpack vertical stripes, and the thick feelings that are playing very well in the military style of military hardship.

Conveniently disassembled button design, let this deck have more open modes in addition to hat play: Messenger back, chest bag, waist bag back method …


So interesting backpack, have you been brach?

Pocket gameplay

Chest bag



Second, Japanese retro football bag


Want to have a more unique backpack, then you can’t miss it below this olive package.

This exquisite retro rugble bag has recently been crazy in the Japanese Vintage Circle, which is the main heat of Japan’s top leather brand Tenjin Works, which is attached to many retro players.


But the uncle has upgraded this olive package, making it more retro far –

We add the classic symbols in American retro culture – 13.5 oz Danning cloth to this production, let the olive bag more wear, and more “raise”.

Messenger, chest bag, a single shoulder and other gameplay, let you put a satchel’s bag and make people’s attention taste.

Third, American retro snowflake military camp bag


If you suspect that the olive package is not big enough, you can understand the military camp.

It is not only unique shape, but also large capacity.


It was originally used in World War Soldiers to carry clothes for carrying-changing, so this backpack is very suitable for export, travel.

Backpack fabric is

354g snowflake denim, touch the feeling of the particles brought by the cotton,


There is a strong identification, environmentally friendly dyes, the old text prints and numbers on the body can see its historical sense, whether it is the back of the Messenger or a single shoulder, uncle feels that “the needle does not stamp”.

Taking into account the rope of this bag, a long backpack may cause greater oppression on the shoulder, so uncle has increased in the shoulder.

Tanned belts to reduce the burden on the backpack.

The buckle design behind the back is not only easy to get things, but also protect the security of the package.


Like the little friend of this fabric, you can also look at the waist.

A big small backpack starts at the same time, make a set of snowflake denim products, is also a good idea!

Fourth, retro World War II wind printing dumplings

The fabric of this dumplings is adopted.


24 ounces of heavy cotton twill cabbage card canvas, hard feel, strong wear resistance,

Whether it is khaki or turmeric, you can see retro atmospheres in each vertical pattern;


The shoulder strap is used to use the vegetable tanned skin with the old metal alloy buckle. Over time, the color of the snapped color has also become more and more attractive; the military printing of the package has joined the steel sheet character, and the military element is retaining military elements. At the same time, retro taste is added.


The storage capacity of the bag is even more concerned:

The internal large-capacity host cabin and the external pockets ensure your freedom!

Today’s backpack introduction is here! I don’t know if you have the Amway you have such a multi-backpack? What kind of backpack do you still want to know? You can give your uncle, and uncle will meet your requirements!

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American retro navy N1 deck package


¥ 96.9