Four steps to solve the car windshield scratches, no longer have to go to the 4S shop


In addition to paint, car windshield is the most prone to scratch, especially some new cars, no matter how cherish yourself, but always have some inexplicable scratches.

These scratches have no effect on the strength of the windshield, that is, it is easy to be lamely be laminated with the street light and the light of the car.

So how do you have this situation? First we have to remember, that is, the scratches above the glass are irreversible, and there is only one way to handle this scratch, that is, polishing.

But polishing is also a need for technology, and people who don’t want to be throwing themselves. I don’t persuade this, so I don’t say more advertising,


A treasure has a glass polished abrasive tool, and the tool is approximately 300+.

Operating method


First, determine the scratch position, you can put the glass scratches around the glass scratches, or make a mark on the back of the glass, because the places that thrown it will become a white flowers, and when you don’t know which position is younger.

Second, clean the surface of the glass to prevent the sand, the more the sand is more and more.


Third, select the appropriate sandpaper tray for grinding, the faster the sandpaper is grinded, but the traces left are also relatively heavy, the greater the loss of the glass.

Fourth, the glass will become blurred after polishing, need to cooperate with glass abrasive and wool tray




Let the glass grinding area recover transparent.


First, the car windshield is different from the general tempered glass, which belongs to the double lacege glass. Polishing will cause the glass temperature to rise sharply, the windshield can withstand the temperature than single-layer tempered glass. When the temperature rises to more than 60 degrees, it is not recommended to continue to throw it. After the glass is required, it will be thrown, or there is a risk of cracking.

Second, if there is no other impurities or polishing machines in the process of polishing, it will produce glasses. This kind of glamorous is usually noticed, but it is more than one pass by the car, you can sway you can’t see the road. I don’t believe in Baidu search, glazing, look at it.


Polishing is used


High-speed rotating polishing wheel produces glass surface



And trace


Cut, just as mentioned above, the glass scratches are irreversible, and the polishing is not filled with the scratches of the glass, but the scratches are grinded and scratched, and the scratches naturally can not see it.

So only shallow scratches can be polished, and the deep scratches are 100% can’t be thrown. For example, the electric welding is hot, the high speed is hit by the stone.

The film is cut by a knife.

Forced polishing only one consequence, the glass part will distorted, resulting in deformation of the object from the outside.


How is scratches resulting?

How to avoid scratches

Auto glass scratches are produced as follows: wiper scraping, washing, rubbing, rubbing.

Most of the wiper scraped because the wiper presses the stone,


Lift the rain brush before driving, let the sand in the gap, the windshield is very dirty, do not directly use the wiper.


If you find someone to repair the glass scratches, how is it charged?

The glass scratches charge is based on the length of the scratches. If it is a large piece, it is calculated.

It is generally 20 cm (almost a distance of an adult man), the windshield scratches are charged between 200 to 500, and it is not other positions in the windshield. This price range is based on the depth, the longer the time, the longer the time, generally throw a scratch fee for about an hour, and push it in this class.

How to check the effect of the glass scratches repair

Glass scratches are not you can’t see, it is handled. The finest scratches are to see if you can see at a specific angle, so you must check it after the glass is polished, avoiding the traces at the time, and I saw it for a day or two. It is not afraid that the business is paying, you are also annoying, and the same position in the same position is easy to depress.

Checking the glass repair effect must be seen from the outside, because the driving is going out, it is best to have a person to move up and down with flashlight, you can see it in the car, you can’t see traces.