What is the meteor hammer? A meteor hammer can be 1 hit 50, and it is a master.


People who are interested in cold weapons know that China has the “eighteen weapons”, which refers to the sum of many weapons.

In the novel “Water Margin”, the history of Ji-line Dragon has said that when he learned his martial arts, the weapons included in the “Eighteen Weapons” include the weapons: spears, hammers, bow,, 铳, whip, swords, Chain, Laos, Ax, Goga, River, Row, Bar, Gun, Among them, the hammer refers to the famous hidden hidden in the cold weapon – the meteor hammer.

First, the portable weapon of the war

The meteor hammer is one of countless soft devices, called “Wiring Hammer”, “Flying Ham”, “Flying”.

It originated from ancient hunting tools – flying stone.

At that time, in order to let himself attack when hunting large animals, people think about making a weapon to make the beast in a farther distance, thus carrying the next hunting. Thus, the flying stone should be born.

Ancient humans put two stones in the pockets of the vines, and hunting the stone balls and vines at the same time at the same time.


Vine can be wound around the limbs of the beasts, can’t move, while stone balls can be used to attack the huge part of the beast, which is easy to arrest.


The emergence of flying stone has greatly improved the hunting efficiency of ancient times.

According to historical records, until the early liberation, my country’s Naxi people are still using flying stone as a hunting tool.

After the Neolithic Age, people will be grinded, drilling technology to the manufacture of flying stone, and the stone balls and vines on both ends of the flying stone. At this time, the use of flying stone is not limited to hunting. In the era of frequent wars, the flying stone with great killing will naturally become a weapon.


When the iron is manufactured by the iron, the stone balls at both ends of the flying stone becomes the iron ball, naturally, the vines connected to the two iron balls are also replaced by the chain.

The flying stone in this time is officially turned into a meteor hammer.

The meteor hammer is divided into single star hammers and double-star hammers, which are not only different on the number of iron balls, but also have its own characteristics in attack and defense.

Single star hammer is easy to master, the user often takes the hammer, the attack power is strong; the double star hammer is not a single star hammer, but in the case of a hammer attack, there is still a rescue hammer, so that the enemy is difficult Break.

Because the meteor hammer carries easy, it is easy to hide, and it is very powerful when attacking, often makes the enemy caught off, so it is quite popular.

Many martial arts will use it as their own carry-on weapons, where the most famous “Sui and Tang Dynasty” Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Mrs. Swee, she used the meteor hammer, the light is fifty in the two hammers. Ki, it is daunting.

It is said that in a battle, the black melan is white, and the hand is a double ball meteor hammer. If a person is fighting more than 50 soldiers, there is a great potential.

Second, the synchronization of the syndrome

However, although the meter hammer is extremely killed, it is a weapon that is not easy to learn.


When using a meteor hammer, you should use the various joints on your body as the fulcrum, and this is the basis for the action, and the meteor hammer has entered the status of the center of the center. When the attack is coming, it is necessary to quickly change from the arc motion to a straight movement. In this process, the hammer should strike the fastest speed and then recovered quickly and returned to the arc movement again.

This complex process does not only require the user to have enough grip strength, but also guarantees good coordination to make the body and meteor hammers can be coordinated.

The user’s essence and strength should be complete and uniform, force to the hammer, the power point is accurate, soft belt, just brought soft, very testing the skill.

When using a meteor hammer to start attack, you should suddenly send a meteor hammer with a part of the body, clamp the other party’s neck, hand, the foot or the other party, then quickly retrace, shorten the distance from the opponent, then use Kick, play, fall, take and other methods to pay opponents.

It is because the meter hammer is more complicated, and there is less opponents that can attack in the same time, and a longer pre-judgment time is needed, and the meteor hammer does not have a large-scale group battle than the knife or sword. .

Slowly, it will be separated from conventional weapons, becoming a rope, self-defense hidden, embarked on the road of “secret transmission”.

In the movie “Embroidered Spring Knife 2”, there is a drama to Shenfen Night Principles, was attacked by Zheng’s hand, and the two did not make up, it is difficult to help, this scene can be the most climax of the full drama. Fighting scene. The fighting weapon is embroidered and a meteor hammer. In this traditional one-to-one battle, even if it is embroidered spring knife, it is difficult to escape the attack. But if you think about it, if you are fighting, Zheng Zhengshi makes the meteor hammer so freely? the answer is negative.

After the meteor hammer “dark instrument”, its range of use has gradually become small, except for some “martial arts masters”, only some court officials can use.

▲ Zheng Zhengshi in “Embroidered Spring Knife 2”

In some picture works, there have been a picture of the cavalry force of the Western European Middle Eastern Army to equip the stars. However, considering the limitations of the meteor hammer, this scenario does not be considered as evidence of the meter hammer. Because in the Western European Middle East Army, the sword is the main weapon, and the meteor hammer is just a supplementary auxiliary weapon, that is, the soldier can attack the enemy with meteor hammer in the case of the sword. .

However, as far as the weapon manufacturing situation at Western Europe, it seems not realistic as a auxiliary weapon to a large scale.

In long distances, heavy meter hammers will undoubtedly become an important factor in hinder the speed of marching, and people at the time cannot find this.


After returning to the domestic perspective, after the Song Dynasty, with the prosperity of the urban economy, Wu Xiwu sold art became one of the performance of the performance.

The meter hammer uses a lot of tricks and has a sense of artistic sense, so it is very popular at the time.

Gradually, using a meteor hammer is one of the people’s ornamental activities. Many people who sell the artists learn the meteor hammer, not fighting, but want to make money. For the need for ornamental needs, the form of the meteor hammer is also increasingly varied. The hammer of the meteor hammer is evolved from the polyhedron to elliptical, and exquisite patterns are carved on the surface of the hammer. “Wolf tooth hammer, whip, iron lotus, flying, flying hammer, meteor”, etc., all new models developed by the meteor hammer.

Third, inherit, inheritance!

After entering modernization, with the development of military science and technology, the weapon library has already turned over the earth, and various high-tech methods have been applied to the military field and produced a large number of cutting-edge weapons. At this time, the traditional “eighteen weapons” gradually became the past, and it could no longer play the role. The meteor hammer who was known as “Soft soldiers” was also unable to survive. This is the new and old alternation of the development of the times.

However, in today’s Jiangsu region, the Dynasty’s martial arts masters are still inheriting and developing meteor hammers.

The second half of the last century, the meteor hammer as one of the traditional projects participated in the national martial arts competition, and won the top. It can be seen that the traditional instruments of the meteor hammer still have endless charm. But however, how to discover it, improve it, so that this traditional instrument keeps the pace of the era, further inheriting and developing a meteor hammer, is still an important issue facing today’s martial art workers.


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