Investigation | “The Antarctic” “Renhe” is a “leader”, can the active have been posted?


“After getting the tag, your price is set to.” Small is confidently promoting its own business.

The small family is a mediation, but it is not selling a house, but sells the brand authorized, commonly known as “OEM” business. In his friends circle, there are a variety of brands authorized advertising, mainly in clothing, but also consumers’ familiar brand. The reporter finds that this business is very common, not only in clothing, but also many of medicine, and there is a similar phenomenon.


Brand goods authorized year to receive more than 1 billion yuan

The Antarctic relying on the brand authorized “none of the Wanli”, it is already a household name. Open the e-commerce platform, search for the ancestor’s store, there are dozens of dozens, the mobile phone has been brushing a dozen screens, and has not finished. In addition to the underwear, the Antarctic people also have home textiles, outdoor, men’s shoes, children’s wear, small appliances, and even food.

Moreover, the Antarctic people also have other sub-brands such as Cartier crocodile, boutique Teddy, Pony. Data show that there is no direct store in Antarctic people on the street. Only in 2019, the Antarctic people licensed through the brand, and the income reached 1.3 billion yuan.

So, the reporter took the brand cooperation with the cotton coat business, and the micro WeChat, the first consultation brand is the Antarctic. The small square said very refreshing: “The Antarctic is suitable, now hanging, spelling a lot of fire, you can do it.” He said, doing the original business, all through e-commerce channels. In the past few years, it is Taobao, Jingdong is most popular. Recently, the shake and spelling have become the show.

The reporter asked another famous underwear brand to operate, the small party said, but it can be too expensive, he does not do. He also briefly describes the specific authorization process. First, both parties are intended to communicate. Then, the small square should produce qualification review of the reporter’s factory to achieve a certain factory acceptance and product quality standards. Then, the brand authorization fee can be paid, and the agreement can be signed.

“Antarctic’s current authorization fee is 4,000 yuan, plus 3,000 sets (tag), authorized to use the end of next year. The price of the standard (tag), the cotton coat 1.8 yuan, cotton pants 1.7 yuan.” As for the Antarctic trademark (Tag) After the reporter sells what the price, the small square is “free”.

At the small family circle, the reporter also saw the authorization advertisement of Cartier Crocodile, Woodpecker, Bin Inu and other clothing brands, and he said “The threshold is not high.”

More popular than the small square, there are some full-time brands authorized websites. The reporter saw a website claiming that its authorized brand covers home textiles, home, underwear, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, maternal and baby, children’s wear, clothing accessories, bags, outdoor, home daily, personal care and other categories. The license fee given from 0 to 20,000 / year. The toll is 0.25 yuan / month to 2 yuan / min.

Customer Service Tells reporters, some of the brands that do not charge the license fee, quantitatively required the trademark, such as at least more than 10,000.

In another publicity information, the reporter saw more claims to be familiar with the brand, such as: Hengyuanxiang, Fugui, Arctic velvet, Yu Zhaolin, Pierkadan, and so on.


Pharmaceutical enterprises

Business is not only in the apparel industry, medicine, and health products are also another alternate industry. It is called “Medical Antarctic” is benevolence.

Search in the e-commerce platform, you can also see the five-flowers of the products, involving pharmaceutical, food, equipment, and even cosmetics, etc. In fact, it is more convenient to go to the official website to query.

The reporter did homework in advance, but actually acting, still did not expect, benevolence and so many official website. In addition to the official website of Renhe Group and the Pharmaceutical, there is also the official website of various pharmaceutical companies. In addition, other brands, such as Fu Yan Jie, You Cartan, Shiny, etc. also have official website. More information, in the official website of Renhe Brand.

In one of the benevolence and commercial company – Renhe gathering and great health official website, you can see the five fields of people who have been involved in personal care, beauty skin care, nourishing health, food and beverage, medical equipment. And this website is mainly introducing its large health to join the product.

Similar to the Antarctic, Renhe Health also has a lot of sub-brands, such as Pharmairers and, Renhe Strong, Ank Baby, a healthy and so on. And these big health join products are mainly sold on the network platform. They used e-commerce, micro-commercial, and Net red as the main investment to join the object. The website also promotes, Renhe Da Health Products have created multiple Tmall categories first. These include benevolence and old Beijing foot stickers, benevolence 159, and Renhe Tianshan Snow lotus gel, etc.

The reporter found that the newly recommended product of the website is cosmetics. On the website of the National Drug Administration, there is a domestic non-special use cosmetics filing service platform. With “benevolence” as keywords, you can find 600 cosmetics information (partially logged out). Every benevolent and cosmetics can find out their manufacturers, manufacturers will have a note, and many of which writes are “independent production”. That is, although this cosmetics hang a trademark, it is produced independently by another company.

The reporter uses the sky to check, and check the relationship between these manufacturers and benevolence.

“O’Rolerit (Guangdong) Family Chemical Co., Ltd.”, “Austria (Guangdong) Home Chemical Co., Ltd.”, and Renhe Group, with Renhe Group, have some associations through other technologies and investment companies.

“Guangzhou Poetry Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, “Guangzhou Poetry Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, and Renhe Group, and invested, “

“Guangdong Cantonese Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, “Guangdong Canyor Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, and Renhe Group, and Renhe Group, and Renhe Group. Similar situations, there are still a lot.


Can’t gauge, no matter the quality

Renhe and great health official website, such self-propaganda: “First-line brand, deeply recognized by consumers, strong product premium capacity, high conversion rate,” and new retail official website, their own description: “Xinxing brand drug Emperor and , Benevolence, one health, one health, etc., providing benevolence and OEM, Renhe OEM, Renhe processing, one-stop business cooperative service … “OEM, generally provided brand, design products, manufacturers.

Whether it is OEM, an active or behalf, the products that consumers see are Renhe brand logo. The reporter notes that benevolence and drugs and drugs, although the brand name is different, but all use Ren and Group iconic red white two-color logo. In the e-commerce platform, although the product is in the products and the intensity and drugs and drugs, most merchants have emphasized the four words “Renhe Pharmaceutical” on the propaganda page. Consumers have difficult to know behind these products and the Renhe Group.

The founder of Beijing Dingchen Management Consulting Co., Ltd. told reporters that in recent years, many companies have embarked on selling authorizations, doing the road of retention. “Everyone sees the Antarctic people, relying on the net profit of the original card, there is almost no, many companies are learning.” Taking benevolence as an example, the previously reached a large-scale advertising, playing brand awareness, high premium capacity, very strong I naturally embarked this road.

Moreover, Stichen revealed that there is a specialized intermediary, go to the public relations brand enterprise, “they go to tell the brand company, there is such a way to make money, try to let the brand enterprise to sell, then they will make an intermediary fee.”

Stephen said that an OPT is not illegal at the legal level, and the key is how to continue to control quality while authorization. “Do not control the quality, consumers are dissatisfied. Consumers don’t care if you are an alternate or behalf, consumers only know that you buy you this brand. The brand reputation declines, the last premium capacity is getting lower and lower, the brand is more rotten.”

Antarctic reputation has already changed subtle changes. In the market, in the first half of this year, Antarctic e-commerce belongs to the net profit of shareholders of listed companies, down 42.85% over the same period last year.

“The Antarctic people have no main business. His main business is to sell authorization. But Ren and such pharmaceutical companies have main business pharmaceuticals. So especially pay attention to quality, otherwise the product is getting more and more, increasingly mixed, quality Can’t control, and finally affect the reputation of the main business, it is not worth it. “

Stephen believes that authorization cannot give a sign, don’t care, “” Options are somewhat, it is no problem. But brand companies must have special sectors to manage the quality of the OEM products. Every batch of sampling, this is It is essential. The product is in publicity, and it must also be controlled, and it is unanimous, not exaggerated. “


Source: Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Sun Yimei Songxi

Edit: Wang Wenxi

Process Editor: Guo Dan