Print fast on the table three easy laser printers


It is undeniable that we are not strange to printer equipment. From classification, it can be roughly divided into laser printing products and ink jack print products. The biggest advantage of laser printing products is that the output speed is fast and can maximize the efficiency of the office. So how to buy a laser printer product? Today, I recommend three easy-to-use laser print products.

Lenovo small new LJ2268 black and white laser printer

Here to recommend Lenovo Small new LJ2268 black and white laser printers, simple design makes us refresh. The biggest feature is that the body is small, which is very friendly for family users, and can be placed in more places. At the same time, because it is a laser print product, it has high stability, even if it is not used for a long time, it doesn’t have to worry about the problem of plugging.

打印快准狠 盘点三款好用的激光打印机

At the same time, Lenovo LJ2268 has a printing speed of 22 pages / minute, even if you need to print a lot of exercises, you can easily deal with excessive time in the waiting print. At the same time, Lenovo Xiaoxin LJ2268 adopts drum powder separation, and after the carbon powder is exhausted, the user does not need to replace the entire toner cartridge, and only the corresponding toner cartridge can be replaced, and the household user saves the post-printing cost.

打印快准狠 盘点三款好用的激光打印机

HP 136W black and white multi-function machine

First, I recommend this HP 136W black and white laser integrated machine. The biggest feature of this product is full, and the size is comparable to moderate price, which is very suitable for enterprise users.

Function HP 136W is a multi-functional one in print, copy, and scanning, which can be said to be very comprehensive. Not only you can complete your daily print tasks, but also easy to complete copying and scan tasks, which is very friendly for users who often copy and scan.

打印快准狠 盘点三款好用的激光打印机

At the same time, this HP 136W supports the ID card one-click copy function. It is very convenient to copy the front and negative two sides of the ID card in the same paper. It is very convenient and fast.

The final volume is also comparable, as a three-in-one integrated product has such a body volume very favorable to the fuselage.

Lenovo CM7110W color laser integrated machine

For corporate users, if there is a color printing, you may wish to choose a color laser one. Compared to inkjet printers, the laser printer has higher stability. This Lenovo CM7110W color laser integrated machine function is comprehensive, a multi-functional one in printing, copying, scanning, and supports the output of color documents, which can meet the daily office needs of corporate users.

打印快准狠 盘点三款好用的激光打印机

At the same time, this product is powerful, and the function supports a key ID card copy function. It only needs to be simply a few steps to copy the opposite side of the ID card on the same paper. It is very convenient. It is also very concise in the design of the control panel, using the design of the LCD screen and 13 Chinese buttons, allowing users to use it.