What are the most common brackets of video surveillance systems?


As one of the most common systems of weak electricity, the video surveillance system. Many people know or see the monitoring when they do the weak electric intelligent industry. Sometimes others ask you what you do. Others do n’t know what you do. You learn to do video surveillance and understand it in seconds; just like others ask which major you learn, you answered computer majors, others think of repairing computers, hahahaha. Yes, many people do n’t understand professionalism. Do you understand others? You can understand others, professional names, and can reflect the most basic knowledge of professionalism. A professional field involves a lot of things, such as video surveillance systems, monitoring cameras is only a part of the system, and many products are combined together to achieve the function of the video surveillance system. Today I will share with you the most common brackets in the surveillance camera. What.


1. Garrier bracket

As the most loyal supporting role of the gun bracket, it plays a very important role in monitoring. It can apply to various scenarios and fix the gun to the position you want to install. There is a biggest benefit of the gun bracket, which is very flexible, so that the angle of the gun can be adjusted with. The emergence of the gun bracket greatly improves the variability when installing the camera. Let the angle of the monitoring camera achieve the most perfect coverage effect.


Total category of gun brackets:

1. Ding -sucking brackets, this bracket is very wide. Many times it can be used as a universal stent. Because the screws connected to the camera can be moved. After connecting to the camera Various scenarios, such as ceilings, walls, etc., are also called universal brackets. As shown below


180 degrees free adjustment solution, there is always one angle suitable for you

2. Extension bracket

It is mainly used in places with high governance. The wall cannot be installed with fixed brackets. The camera is too high, affecting the image effect, causing the image to take a down -view view, and the effect of the front of the image cannot be seen. Can solve the above problems. It is mainly used in the basement. Generally, the owner requires the camera to be decorated in the middle of the lane. It requires telescopic brackets to be convenient. Because the basement is often high or low. If a fixed bracket is used, the height should be measured according to the occasion. It is more troublesome to order uniformly, and the telescopic bracket is a good choice. Another is the first lobby, which may also be used.

The length of the telescopic bracket is about 30-300cm. It can also be customized according to the needs. The cost is related to the amount you ordered. The more cheaper, the cheaper. The sample is as follows


3. Wall duck bracket bracket

This bracket is mainly used in cameras installed on the wall, such as the basement pillars, walls and other places. It is easy to install, the angle is easy to adjust, and the price is very cheap and practical. The specific figure below

4. Hanging duckbill bracket


Mainly used in the basement and ceiling scenes, and it is also commonly used in monitoring. The length of the bracket can be customized according to the actual needs.

5. L -type bracket

L -shaped brackets have been used in the basement.


6. Hemisphere bracket

It is mainly used for monitoring hemispheres for some small ceilings or unable to install smallpox, such as elevator halls, stairwells, channels and other places, which can be used to solve the problem of hemisphere installation with hemisphere. The specific figure below


7. Ball bracket


The main installation machine is used. Do not buy a ball machine bracket if there are monitoring rods outdoors, because monitoring the vertical rod can be directly installed by the ball machine. Generally, the ball bracket is mainly used in the basement or wall. Scholar.


8. Gunner duckbill support rack

This is mainly used for outdoor monitoring vertical rods. When the room monitoring and controlling the rod installed the gun, you need to buy this. Basically, the manufacturer of the vertical rod will not be equipped. Remember to buy a duckbill support rack, otherwise the gun cannot be installed. It is not expensive and a few dollars. When buying, you must pay attention to rust prevention outdoors.

In the end, in fact, the monitoring bracket is diverse. You can have different brackets according to different scenes. When you encounter some different scenes, you can ask the manufacturer when you do n’t know which bracket you use. Go down your predecessors, where do they get practical experience.