Easy to use facial cleanser recommendation facial cleanser selection skills


Skin care cleansing is the basis. If you want to have good skin cleansing work, you must not be sloppy, so let’s start with buying a good facial cleanser. The facial cleanser products on the market are all kinds of beef hair. The name is the introduction of the muscles of the facial cleanser, the Yue Shi Fengyin green tea facial cleanser. The following editors will recommend ten easy -to -use facial cleanser products and facial cleanser’s choice skills.

Easy to use facial cleanser recommendation

TOP 1: Estee Lauder red pomegranate facial cleanser

Reference price: 280.00 RMB / 125ml

Recommended reason: antioxidant turbidity, magnetic clay, deeper cleaning, discharging turbidity, transparent from the inside;

好用的洗面奶推荐 洗面奶选购技巧大全

Suitable for skin texture: all skin types

TOP 2: Sitetf facial cleanser

Reference price: 56.00 RMB / 118ml

Recommended reason: sensitive muscle love gently cleaning is not exciting

Suitable for skin texture: all skin types

TOP 3: Yue Shi Feng Yin Volcanic Mud Facial Milk

Reference price: 118.00 RMB / 150ml

Recommended reason: the oil removal effect is good, the oil control time is long, and the oil will not be produced for a long time.

Suitable for skin types: mixed and oily skin

TOP 4: Girl’s Spring Cucumber Facial Milk

Reference price: 9.00 RMB / 400G

Recommended reason: extract the essence of cucumber, combined with the good recipes of the Compendium of Materia Medica, scientifically developed, the most suitable for the skin of Oriental people, cleaning facial dirt, maintaining the skin of the skin natural water, and making the skin delicate and clean

Suitable for skin: all skin types

TOP 5: Ou Shu honey gel soothing facial cleanser

Reference price: 240.00 RMB / 200ml

Recommended reason: not irritating, comfortable, cleaning, makeup remover can also be used

Suitable for skin texture: dry skin

It is best to use the facial cleanser ranking netizens to select the facial cleanser TOP 10 10

TOP 6: Afu rose petal cleansing crystal

Reference price: 148.00 RMB / 115G

Recommended reason: After use, the facial skin is delicate and moisturized, not foaming, and the texture is relatively milder

TOP 7: Snowflake Show smooth and soft and clean foam

Reference price: 288.00 RMB / 200ml

Recommended reason: not tight, very clean, very comfortable

TOP 8: Muscin

Reference price: 70.00 RMB / 100G

Recommended reason: After the washing is clean and the skin is smooth and not tight

TOP 9: Yue Shi Feng Yin Green Tea Facial Milk

Reference price: 60.00 RMB / 150ml

Recommended reason: very mild, no taste, not tight after washing, the foam is rich

Suitable for skin texture: oily skin

TOP 10: Water Clean Cleansing Milk

Reference price: 39.00 RMB / 100ml

Recommended reason: Cleaning pores is better, it is effective for removing blackheads.

Four types of facial cleanser

1. Foam -type facial cleanser is suitable for skin texture

Most of the facial cleanser in the oily skin market is foam type, and girls will make it easy to buy. In fact, foam -type facial cleanser is very clean, which is the strongest in all facial cleanser. The cleaning ability is very ideal. Therefore, it is very suitable for people with oily skin, and it is not suitable for people with dry skin.

Second, dissolved facial cleanser is suitable for skin quality

Although girls do not often make makeup in the skin of nude makeup, naked makeup is necessary. Girls who often use nude makeup must not use facial cleanser casually, but use dissolved facial cleanser. Because this facial cleanser can rely on its oil ingredients to dissolve skin dirt and impurities, the oil -based dirt on the general facial facial facial is very good, which can not only reduce the stimulation of the skin, but also remove the makeup and wash the face.

Third, foamless facial cleanser is suitable for skin texture

Dry skin bubbles are suitable for oily skin. On the contrary, non -foam facial cleanser is suitable for dry skin. The dry secretions of dry skin are quite small. Although the cleaning of facial cleanser without bubbles is not as good as others, it is undeniable that it is more than enough for dry skin to clean, and its irritation is minimal.

Fourth, cosmeceutical facial cleanser is suitable for skin

The sensitive skin sensitive skin skin is very fragile, and the resistance to external stimulation is very poor. The cosmetic facial cleanser is beneficial and harmless to sensitive skin, and also contains a very nutritious ingredient for the skin. However, the cosmetic facial cleanser is three -point poison. If it is not sensitive skin, it is best not to use it.

How to choose the right facial cleanser

1. Use the wrong face washing milk, no matter how good the cream

Many MMs feel that the face washing milk was washed off for a few minutes or even tens of seconds. There is no need to choose carefully, and the cream is enough to do my homework. If there is such an idea, it will be wrong. Essence

Washing your face seems simple, but it is the top priority of the skin care session. It allows your blood circulation to circulate faster and accelerate the resolution of harmful substances. If the face of the face is not well cleaned, the dirt is not completely washed out, the pores are not transparent enough, and no matter how good the nutrition is, it will only block the pores to form acne and white head.

If you want to make 36,000 pores on the face open your heart to receive the nourishment of the cream, the cleaning work must be done. First of all, you must choose different facial cleanser for different skin types; second, you must replace different facial cleanser according to different seasons, and even different facial cleanser during the physiological period.

2. Let’s take a look at your skin -washing milk suitable for your skin

Dry skin: It is not suitable for foaming facial cleanser. Try to choose a mild cleansing milk that does not contain soap bases.

Oily skin: It is particularly suitable for foam -rich facial cleanser, and even cleansing soap can try boldly.

Mixed skin: You can choose two kinds of facial cleanser mixed use. The T zone selects deep oil control and facial cleanser with exfoliating function, and the cheeks use a fairly mild facial cleanser.

Sensitive skin: The first choice of cosmeceutical products, you can stay on the wrist for 15 minutes when you buy it, but you can use it with confidence on your face!

Suitable for skin texture: all skin types

好用的洗面奶推荐 洗面奶选购技巧大全

Suitable for skin texture: all skin types

Suitable for skin texture: all skin types