Jingwei Small Son -style Candy Candy Time -honored Culture Culture


The people use food as the sky, and “eating” is a very vivid expression carrier in the traditional Chinese food culture. At present, in people’s daily diet, many old -fashioned catering companies have become the vital army inheriting and promoting traditional food culture.

The old name is on the stage, the taste of the year is stronger

In the Spring Festival, the “Beijing Eight” of Beijing Daoxiang Village Food Co., Ltd. is very popular. “Beijing Eight pieces” originated from the palace royal dining room. It is eight cakes with different shapes and flavors. The “eight pieces” take a auspicious number and draw a new year’s color head, and the color head of “Beijing Eight pieces” is not only in the number, it can evoke many sweet and happy memories.

Today’s well -known “Beijing Eight” has disappeared for more than 50 years. Later, Daoxiang Village consulted a large number of ancient books. After nearly a year of research and development and adjustment, the Beijing “Beijing Eight” was re -produced in 2007. The snacks of the meringue “Beijing Eight pieces” are made of handmade. A layer of crispy layer, more crispy in the mouth. Today, Beijing Daoxiang Village “Beijing Eight” has become an authentic “Beijing Gift”, with sales of more than 10 million boxes.

In order to better inherit and carry forward the “Beijing Eight” handmade skills, Beijing Daoxiang Village has also trained a number of technical inheritors to continuously spread and popularize relevant knowledge such as the history, culture and handmade skills of “Beijing Eight” products.

On the afternoon of February 8th, in the Caizhizhai, the century -old old store Guanqian Street in Suzhou, more than 300 varieties of “Su -style New Year’s goods” of the five series of Suzhou candy, pastry, dangling, honey, and salty flavors made people feel strong Nian flavor.

The simple and elegant shop decoration and authentic Soviet -style annual goods are also matched with a new way of mobile payment on mobile phones this year, becoming the eye -catching scenery of the “Soviet New Year’s Eve”. “This is 148 -year -old Cai Zhizhai’s first trial water to participate in the” Su -style New Year’s Fair “.” Said Chu Minhui, chairman of Suzhou Caizhizhai Food Co., Ltd.

Inherit the old crafts, bring new surprises

Beijing Daoxiang Village, which is positioned in Chinese traditional food, is still rejuvenating through the vicissitudes of the sea of ​​business. It always adheres to customers as the center and pays attention to customer experience.

In addition to “Beijing Eight pieces”, Beijing Daoxiang Village has also successfully produced a variety of traditional foods such as “champion cakes”, “巧 果”, “Chongyang flower cake” and “five poison cakes”, and the traditional food culture has been integrated into production, production, Sales and other links.

my country’s traditional food culture focuses on the combination of “four o’clock” and “yin and yang” and “five flavors”. With the changes in solar terms and climate, what ordinary people eat are very different, and the culture of eating is also hidden. Can I use the twenty -four solar terms to spread the traditional food culture to consumers?

In 2008, Beijing Daoxiang Village visited nutritionists and folk experts to conduct a large number of analysis and research. In 2009, Daoxiang Village launched a 24 -fourth solar terms of natural health and folklore traditions, which has continued to be sold for nearly ten years.

In the century -old old shop Guanqian Street in Suzhou, the snack master puts syrup, “stripping” peanut rice and other raw materials in a spherical candy -shaped candy. “Fresh.

“In the past, he heated with charcoal and hand -handed sugar with carbon peanuts.” Lu Yongwei, the fifth -generation non -genetic person of the 56 -year -old Soviet candy production technology, entered Caizhi Zhai to learn art in 1980. During his 30 years of sugar -making career This excellent.

According to Chu Minhui, the Soviet -style candy was listed as “Gongtang”. In order to better promote the traditional Soviet -style technology culture, Cai Zhizhai tried to make egg yolk peanuts for the first time before the Spring Festival this year. While inheriting traditional skills, the production of Caizhizhai egg yolk peanuts is also innovating, hoping to bring a better taste. (Reporter Wang Ke)