Self -run wheat harvester’s maintenance guidance (1)


1. Why does the wheat machine have an abnormal noise of the sieve box?


The wheat screen box is connected to the rack and the sieve box drive device with rubber bearing (rubber sleeve). Clear selection of materials. Rubber bearing has two major functions: transmission power and shock absorption. Usually, the rubber sleeve can restrict the screen box well, thereby ensuring the correctness of the sports trajectory of the sieve box.


When the rubber sleeve is used for a period of time, the phenomenon of aging (caused by the high temperature of the exercise) will occur. As shown in the figure below, the inner hole will become larger, the glue case will rotate on the shaft, and then permanent compression deformation will occur, thereby losing the sieve box movement exercise The accurate limit, because the sieve box is a high -speed round -trip motion component, once the limit is inaccurate, it is prone to motion interference problems. This is why our wheat machine has abnormal noise.

2. What should I do after the abnormal noise of the sieve box?

After a wheat machine has an abnormal noise of the sieve box, it should be stopped immediately to find the cause of the abnormal noise. At this time, you can pull out the tail sieve and use the hand disk to move the sieve box. When the upper and lower sieve box moves to the limit position, take a look at the distance of the side wall of the two sieve boxes. As shown below, when this distance is less than 5mm (half cm) At this time, it is proved that there is a phenomenon of interference (commonly known as sieve fighting) on ​​the upper and lower sieve boxes, indicating that the connection glue of the sieve box can no longer fully perform the movement of the sieve box. Essence In this case, don’t be lucky, think that I will do it for a long time and repair it at night. This is necessary. If the interference of the sieve box is not dealt with in time, the sieve is shocked first, and the other damage will be damaged. It will magnify a hundred times.


3. Why does my wheat machine replace the rubber cover, regardless of the use?

Some users consult the service station or our technicians in a timely manner after the sieve box is abnormal, and replaced the rubber sleeve of the sieve box, but many users report that some use it for a day or two after the adhesive case is replaced. A few acres of land are broken again. In this case, there are many reasons for the following reasons:

1. The rubber sleeve replacement is not thorough. Because most of the machines have insufficient experience in using the dual screen model, they do not understand its operating principle. When they learn that they need to replace the glue case, they just replace some of the rubber cases. Some users only replace only replacement The damaged sieve boxes and sieves believe that there is no problem with the rubber sleeve, which causes the problem to be cured thoroughly, repeat, and cause a lot of losses to themselves;

2. The replaceable rubber sleeve model is not right. The user does not clearly explain when purchasing the accessories, or the old parts are used to change it. Because the old parts have been worn, it is often replaced by the inner hole large rubber case. Can’t use it after going up;

3. The quality of the plastic sleeve purchased is not good. At present, there are multiple brands on the rubber sleeve on the market. The quality is uneven. A qualified rubber sleeve has many aspects of hardness, disconnected extension rate, compression deformation, and use temperature. There are many aspects. It requires that it is difficult for our users to judge the quality of the rubber cover. Often, we only listen to the words of the selling accessories and buy a poorly quality glue cover.


4. Reasons and correct replacement methods

(1) After aging and wear in the sieve box, you need to replace all the rubber sleeve. Since the previous rubber case has been worn, if not all replaced, it will cause the newly replaced rubber sleeve life to be greatly reduced. How long does it appear abnormal noise of sieve boxes again.

(2) When replacement of rubber cases, it is necessary to fix the fixing of the glue case under the premise of the sieve box in the middle position. greatly increase.

(3) Causes a decrease in the service life of sieve boxes:

① Rubber bearing is contaminated by oil (not paying attention to staining when adding fuel), and rubber parts will dissolve when encountering organic solvents, which will cause rubber bearing to slip, which will reduce its service life;

② There is no appropriate size when assembly. For example, on the left side of the left side and right side, this situation will cause the sieve box to move, so that the rubber sleeve is in an abnormal wear state and reduce the service life;

③ Some users use lubricating oil or lubricating fat in order to install it. The rubber parts are most afraid of oil. The correct assembly method is to lubricate with water and use the sleeve or live wrench.

④ The inner hole scratches occur during the assembly of the glue case.

⑤ After the glue sleeve is replaced, it does not fix the tightening position in accordance with the reasonable tightening position and order.

⑥ The user is unclear when purchasing the accessories, and the replaceable rubber sleeve model is wrong, causing damage again.


It is recommended that you should not die tightly after replacement of the glue case. The manual disk is selected and the sieve air is stopped until the sieve box is located in the middle position. As shown below:

1. The replacement of the rubber cover must be replaced all at once, with a total of 23 units in a single station

(Double screen model) The tight sequence of glue sleeve: The serial number 7 is fastened in advance, and then fastened in the order of 3-6-8-4-1-2-13-12.

2. Increase the reinforcement of the support rod and increase support. At the same time, it is recommended that users check the rubber sleeve to better increase the service life of the screen box.


1. Installation icon of the support rod of the wheat screen:

2. The icon of the wheat machine is installed after the support rod is installed:


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