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Pampers Pampers

Beginning the famous baby care brands of the United States, US P & G company, focusing on diapers with good water absorption performance for your baby, including diapers series, labet trousers series, and wet tissue series Pampers are American P & G companies The famous baby care brand, one of the world-renowned diaper brands. From the first diaper, go to the global innovative viscose side, and then use high absorbent materials, disperse the guide layer, and the Pampers have always brought better products with high quality innovation, so that the global baby is in the endless care. Sleep, play. Pampers have always made unremitting efforts to provide babies to provide quality dry diapers to further protect the 12-hour golden sleep of Chinese babies, and help your baby a star of the future. Pampers Commitment: All pinsters and materials, before touching your baby’s skin, when testing ingredients, testing ingredients, complies with the National Academy of Sciences and the World Health Organization and widely recognized risk assessment principles (Dangerous sign, contact assessment, dose reaction assessment, risk feature evaluation).


Flower Wang Miao Merries


Beginning in 1887, the baby diaper brand, the Global Beauty Care Products / Health Care Products / Clothing and House Cleaning Products and Industrial Chemicals Production and Comparative Strong Baby Supplies, Take care of baby Growth, mental development. Let your baby comfortably every day, parents use more peace of mind, make more happiness and smile filled with each family. Founded in 1887, the Kao Corporation is the predecessor. At present, Huang products involve more than 600 kinds of cosmetics, mostly polymer chemicals.


3, huggies curious

Beginning in 1872, the US Jinbuli company is designed to ensure the baby’s compact, the baby diaper brand, the well-known business in the health care sector is designed to ensure the baby’s comfort and self-activity. Let the baby come from growing, release the natural curiosity and optimistic nature, and enjoy the moment of happiness, and enjoy the sweet date with your mother. Curious has been committed to providing excellent products because we always want to give your baby better like you. Curious huggies diapers were born in 1978, it is a global technology innovation baby diaper brand. Curious Huggies strive to provide excellent performance products, from every detail to your baby, let your baby have free exploration in his world, find, happy growth. The curious huggies brand has a professional R & D team. Every year, hundreds of large-scale product tests, small diapers already have a number of product patented technology, and lead the urine pants’ sustainable development. The products currently launched in the Chinese market include: curious ultra-thin soft and breathable diapers, curiously growing trousers and curious baby soft wipes.



Beginning in 1981, Nijia’s baby care products, popular Japan’s super popular diaper brand, trousers diapers are characterized by uniform absorption / high-breathable, and is known as Mommy Babe diaper products under Yijia, with its excellent The quality and high cost performance have been welcomed by many Chinese mothers. In order to meet the pursuit of high-quality diapers, this time, this special introduction of Japan, super popular diaper brand – Moony Moony is a baby care product under the Japan Junka Group, using the original import form, directly presented to China Consumers. In order to give the baby gentle care, the Moony brand is involved in the development of new technologies, and continuously pushes new, and has been highly advised in Japan. 1981 baby diaper brand [MOONY] was born. Junja Established 20 years, officially launched the baby diaper brand [MOONY], expands the career to infant care sector. Once listed, its excellent absorption and leak-proof urinary properties are widely welcomed by mothers, and reduce the cumbersome burden for mothers. In 1990, training is available for sale; 1991 Night-type pants products are available; 1992 pants diapers [Moonyman] products are available. Junjia created a world pants-type baby diaper product [MOONYMAN]! With the growth of the baby, give the baby a day to replace the waist stickers, diapers, more inconvenient, Junjia breaks through the routine, developing a good underwear diaper [MOONYMAN]. Since then, this new diaper is rapidly popular in the world.


GOO · N king

Specializing in the manufacture and sales of home paper processing products, using polymer absorption materials, strong absorption and breathability, facilitating red butt, Japan’s large-scale paper producer Japan King as one of Japan’s three major comprehensive paper companies Not only produces a total of more than 20,000 papers including paper towels, newspapers, publishing printing paper, intelligence paper, packaging paper box paper, and household paper, but also manufactures and sales in a variety of household paper processes. The Japanese king entered the Japanese family paper market in 1979. Since the beginning of the sales of diapers, the market share is growing. While providing high quality products to consumers, this king has always been committed to the recycling of environmental protection and renewable resources. We will use about 200 tons of reclaimed paper each year, and the utilization rate of recycled paper reaches 67%, higher than the 63% of the industry. The commodity of the Japanese king is committed to starting from consumers, product development and strict management standards are well received by their high quality and high security. Products are not only sold in Japan, in China, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, but also wide support from consumers from all over the country. As the Japanese king in China Group company, Dawang (Nantong) Life Products Co., Ltd. will be with the Japanese king, and is committed to bringing the same high quality goods and services as Japan to every consumer.



Mamypoko Mommy Baby

Nica Group’s well-known diaper brand, known as Yun soft cotton / instant drying series diapers and antibacterial wet paper towels, Junijia Group is a modern industrial enterprise specializing in the production of health products such as baby supplies / women supplies. Mimi Baby —- Carrying Mother Love, Careful – Treating Mom’s Love is tangible, increasing the moment of happiness of mother and child. Baby diapers “Mommy Baby” from Japan, in 2000, it has always been committed to caught the childcare needs of Chinese families, with autonomous non-woven fabric, absorbent processing forming and other Japanese advanced technology. Constantly develop market advanced commodities, continue to provide customers with innovative value, and proud to make contributions to people’s lifestyle. Mommy Baby Brand has taken high-quality diaper products for thousands of Chinese families, and accompanying the baby to thrive. Mommy Babei diapers have functional design that adapts to the baby’s growth stage, super absorption, so that the baby’s little fart remains dry and comfortable. In addition, there is a cute Disney character on the diapers, making it easy to replace diapers more enjoyable.



An End Anerle

Start in 1996, professional infants and young children’s daily health care brands, the manufacturer of earlier diapers, product line contains the baby’s diapers / pull pants / diapers, one of China’s earlier diapers, one of the earlier diapers In 1996, Aner Le Passage Listed, An Erle surrounded “Strong”, “Safety” brand concept, 23 years focus on the diaper industry, build a national diaper brand, and care for the baby to grow every step. In the 23 years, An Erle brand has grown, which has changed, and the price of products with hard products and fair and reasonable product prices have gradually won the favor of consumers. An Erle is a professional infant daily health care brand, adhering to the “more love creates more joy” brand concept, listening to more than 50,000 moms every year, is committed to providing more detailed, more comfortable, more assured for your baby Products, pioneered scientific, health, modern infant nursing era. There is a small light core, twist elastic pants, etc.





Well-known diaper brand, integrating research and development / design / production / sales / after-sales service, large-scale enterprises (Fujian) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Manufacturing infant young children’s series of health care products for production, sales, after-sales service. The company is located in the core floor of the West Coast Economic Zone, Fujian Province, Huidong Industrial Park, Hui’an County, Seaside City. Over the years, Shide’s implementation of multi-brand development strategy, except for the swords, also have the brand of the class of the adult diaper brand, water knows wipes and other brands. The carnation of international automated diaper production line, diaper production line, wipes production line, dry paper towel production line, etc. Product cover baby diapers, baby diapers, adult diapers, adult paper diapers, wipes, dry paper towels, baby There are more than 300 varieties in dozens of buildings, baby feeding products and more, and the products are exported to home and abroad. Through the strategic alliance major media, social public welfare and other institutions, help the brand’s brands become the parenting experts and infants and young children’s care brands in millions of consumers. Since the beginning of the founding, he attaches great importance to the innovation of the product. It has established a product R & D center, and jointly develops high-quality products. The need has been highly recognized by customers and consumers. All products focus on work, all products are controlled by scientific, careful production processes and laboratory. In the future, Just will continue to invest in research and technology, introduce research and development, production and testing equipment, using patented technology and innovative materials, and continuously improve the quality standards of Colta products, innovate high quality products, and give back together Every family that grows. “We will win cooperation,” Tust adheres to consumers’ health as a place, the customer’s first principle, sincerely face partners, and work with every partner to win a better future.


Fimi Fitti

Start in 1973, Ruid International Brand, Baby Diaper Industry Handy, Professional Engineering / Design / Production / Sales of Mouth Disease Series Products Feifei provides quality, comfort and double care products. In the past 40 years, Phili products have been sold around the world. Fitti Fitti is the professional diaper brand of Ryd International, which is introduced to China by Ruid International in 1982. Ruide International launched a Philippi ultra-thin diaper, unique super absorbent layer Megathin, massively absorb urine, can uniformly spread and firmly lock in the inner layer of diapers, the whole diaper is wet after the wet, the group is constantly changing, The little fart is dry and comfortable. Its main products include Philippi Second Suite Diapers and Philipi Le Lestening Pants Baby Diapers. Zhongshan Ruide Health Paper Co., Ltd. (DSG “) was founded in 1973 and is one of the pioneers of manufacturing infant diapers. After more than 30 years of efforts, DSG has developed into an international company. DSG is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of infant diapers, including “Fitti” (Fitti), “Petpet” (baby), “Babylove”, etc. nation. In recent years, DSG has actively developed adult diaper brands such as adult health paper markets. In order to cooperate with the development of the Chinese market, DSG opened production bases in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province in August 1993 (“DSGZS”), Zhongshan Ruide covers an area of ​​17,146 square meters, with billions of birth The diaper, the marketing online store covers nearly a thousand provinces and municipalities and autonomous regions, and nearly 1,000 employees. DSG actively exploits the Chinese market, take care of customers and consumer needs in different regions and different levels. Over the years, DSG has followed the idea of ​​improving existing product quality and innovation, and practical commitment to gain comfort and convenience.



Yin Yin Cojin

Founded in 1998, the disposable health supplies companies integrating the research and development / production / marketing of the health supplies in infants / adult / women’s health care business, and has a personalized hygiene product, including Yin Yin / Funner / Soft Time / Mommy. Yin Yixi predecessor Guangdong Baishun Paper Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and the overall change of Bai Shun Company in June 2015 was Guangdong Yincin Co., Ltd. The company is a well-known domestic enterprise integrating R & D, production, marketing, and specializing in domestic and famous enterprises that focus on disposable hygiene products. Yin Yin shares have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. The Yin Yixian has a large production scale, with 21 superb baby and adult diapers and film production equipment. The management of the Yin Yin shares knows that the quality of product is always the basis for the development of health supplies. Since its inception, the company has always arrested product quality as an important work, and established a complete quality management system in accordance with international standards. The company strictly enforces quality management, putting the product from raw material inspection, process management, finished inspection layer, and reaching each product in the hands of consumers is high quality boutique. The company has independent innovative national brands such as Yin Yin, Funner, Soft Time, Mommy Story. Yin Yixian has a professional marketing team, a huge dealer management system. The company has continuously expanded marketing channels, the marketing network has covered the national provinces and autonomous regions of the country, forming a channel pattern of business super, baby, e-commerce, big circulation and medical pathway, the market share of company products is in the industry I have been in the best, and I am deeply trusted by consumers. “Yin” is the meaning of the mat in Chinese. From the date of birth, “Yin Yin” brand is given “green environmental protection, soft and intimate, care for health”, “Yin Yin, everything, peace of mind”, pioneering and innovative, all colleagues, all colleagues, will adhering to “diligence Real, integrity, and enterprising “corporate philosophy, continue to write new chapters for Chinese infants, adults, and female health care industry.