I want a fabric sofa, come, take this purchase knowledge


Lying on the sofa of the living room, what do you feel missing? In addition to soft cute pillows, maybe you still want a sofa pad. Add a sofa pad to increase the fashionable beauty of the living room, and add comfort, which is very good. Come here, take these buying knowledge, come !?

(1) Material?

The more popular fabric sofa cushions on the market are plush, wool, whole cotton, etc. The selection of materials mainly depends on their skin intimateness. If the number of times is used frequently, you should choose a product with better skin -friendly, and you must touch it softly, and the abrasion resistance must be online. What’s more?

(2) Size?

When buying, the size of the sofa pad should be based on the size of the sofa. The size of the finished product is relatively fixed. If the size is not just adapted, then choose a little larger, don’t choose small. What’s more?

So, what can we do in actual operation?

First of all, a ruler is necessary, and the size of the sofa is measured. What’s more?

Determine how wide the sofa is should be selected and how wide the sofa is. If the sofa is 50 cm wide, follow the slightly larger principle, you can choose a 70 cm wide sofa pad; if the sofa is 55 ~ 75 cm wide, then you can choose 90 cm Wide sofa pad. Generally speaking, it can increase the hem of 20 cm, protect the sofa, and it looks more beautiful. What’s more?

Determine how long the sofa should be selected, and follow the same principle of buying the same big buy. If the length is 170cm, you can choose a slightly longer sofa pad, such as 175cm and 180cm. This is easy to cover. What’s more?

(3) Style?


What style of fabric sofa cushion is selected? Consider the indoor environment and then combine your preferences. It should be noted that some colorful products may use dyes that are harmful to the human body. Everyone must be optimistic about product quality inspection reports. What’s more?

(4) Brand?


What kind of brand is good? Big brands are better, and large brands can ensure reliable quality and relatively good performance. Now the more famous brands include left and right sofas, IKEA Home Furnishing, Quanyou Home, Milan Home and so on. When choosing a sofa pad, you can go to the official website to find out, look at the product line, compare the evaluation of everyone in the online store, and choose carefully. What’s more?

The above four points are the direction of how we can choose when the fabric sofa is purchased. Don’t underestimate the purchase of this level. If you want to choose, choose the most suitable one. Because the living room is a relatively important face space, a small sofa pad can affect the overall beauty. If the selection is not appropriate, it can easily affect coordination. Therefore, it is best to choose good -looking and comfortable products. I hope everyone can choose the sofa cushion in the end!