2019 advanced jacket, contract your fashion for a whole season


The weather changes in spring

Rain in the south, wind in the north,

If you want to wear delicate and adapt to changeable weather


The coat is really really needed!


Military uniform trench coat, denim jacket, charge jacket


These old -fashioned spring essential items


They perform better when they appear in the new season!

Seeing the classic models that are not tired of being worn by female stars become more fashionable

Xiao Yi can not help but re -ignite their enthusiasm for them

Yang Mi, Angelababy, Jiang Shuying ▲

Today, Xiaoyi wants to share these 3 coats with you

And make each one in n

I have contracted the whole spring fashion ~


Choose a loose vertical shoulder style

This year’s popularity is relatively large

Retate your sleeves at will


Create a sense of fashionable leisure

Although the classic combined military suit trench coat is not out of date

But you can’t let you have a fresher matching look

Even the fixed mix of jeans, white T -shirts, windbreaker jackets


Because of the fashionable silhouette tailoring


It can be updated into this year’s new style

Style1: Stacking makes the casual shape more refined

The upgraded shape of the trench coat is stacked with a pair of slim leggings. The pants that are faintly exposed under the skirt make you look more styling.

Style2: The mature charm of the dress in the trench coat

The inside of the windbreaker does not need to be too fancy, otherwise it will destroy the original cool taste. A elegant elegant long dress will make you look more feminine.

Style3: Simple Black Inner Bringing the Wind Coat becomes the protagonist

The most time -saving and labor -saving spring match is to choose a long trench coat that is sufficient to support the scene. Even the random items of black casual pants and T -shirts can make you very face.

STYLE4: Find windbreaker makes casual clothes become classic

Nowadays, the most popular young casual matching, striped shirt dress with sports shoes will look too casual, with a long trench coat jacket will become very delicious.


denim jacket


Denim jacket is the most practical spring jacket

If you want to be different, we can try

The style with a outline feeling is not only fashionable and easy to match

And it will make you look younger

If emphasizing the current sense of popularity

Cowboy jacket with a little somatosensory tailoring

It is better than a tailor -cut denim jacket

The formal sense of slim skirt will make you look difficult to approach

Pearl necklace matching will make you look older


Simple denim jackets can make restraint styling easier


STYLE1: The strong spring atmosphere of bright color skirt

The routine matching of the denim jacket and the hoodie is slightly boring, and a red loose skirt makes you more cute in spring.

Style2: denim jacket for black and white shapes


The white bag avoids the depression of the black shape in the spring. The denim jacket that raises the sleeve makes the conservative shape of the black and white combination easier and fashionable.

STYLE3: Pure beige and denim blue create a refreshing sense


The most likely refreshing shape with closeness is very popular. The refreshing feeling of beige casual pants with blue denim jackets doubles your favorability.


STYLE4: plaid+denim is the best fusion of modern and retro


The checkered dress brought us back to the British style of the 1980s, with modern casual denim jackets, interpreting popularity and classics.



Leisure Wind will charge jacket

Bring in the fashion stage

The profile style will not let you

It looks like going to go mountain climbing

The style of a slim subtastic jacket that can only be worn only during outdoor sports is too routine.

It is also difficult to become a practical shape for commuting.

The refreshing striped dress and tough charge coat created a strong modern casual style.


The dotted yellow bag has a more spring atmosphere.

Style1: Light -colored casual shape brings the cool breeze

The conventional combination of the skirt and cardigan with a sense of commuting is a bit boring, with the same light -colored charge jacket to increase the charm of the shape.

Style2: Blue charge jacket brings eye -catching shape

The floral long skirt can reflect the atmosphere of the spring. With a moving impulsive jacket, the old style of the floral jacket becomes more charm.


Style3: The dark shape of the charge jacket reflects the mature charm


The tough charge jacket and lightweight skirt are matched with a strong coolness, and the red hand bag is the finishing touch.

Style4: It also looks very harmonious with wide -leg pants

Both wide -leg pants and charge jackets, two different types of temperament, make you feel more fresh.

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