In spring, shirts are indispensable to reflect elegant temperament, 12 sets of shirts wear demonstrations, beautiful for a whole season


#Ideal Spring Dress#



There will be one or more pieces in each woman’s wardrobe



Essence The shirt version is simple and has a versatile characteristic. Whether it is single -wear or with other items, it always makes people shine.


I want you this spring

Shirt shape

Is it fashionable? You must not miss today’s content!

1. Shirts as coats are super eye -catching

Do you think that we bought it

Loose shirt

It is also a good coat, which is matched inside

T -shirt

As well as




Open the shirt and let the hem flutter with the wind, and instantly feel the breath of spring.

If you want to wear a shirt as a coat, the first thing I recommend is

Boyfriend wind shirt

The loose version of the hidden meat is thin and not picked.

A white T -shirt inside the apricot shirt, simply you can wear it



Come. One


Add a lot of vitality to the shape of the entire shirt.

Sisters who are confident in figure, you can wear parts in the shirt

White vest

, Slightly exposed a little abdominal skin.


By stuffing the shirt and clothes into high waist pants, it has a significant effect. Compared with

Stuff up

I prefer

Half half, half -half

, How cool the shape ~

Does it feel like I just entered the spring and it is unlikely to wear a shirt? Look at this shirt with a velvet inside, warm and comfortable behind the upper body.

Choose from the inside to the bottom



, Visually have a good lean effect.


Don’t forget the small details, easily show your legs.

Second, with wide -leg pants, good and chic

It is easy to wear a sharp and chic shirt, but do you know how to maximize the sharpness of sharpness? That must be matching

Wide leg pants

The fabric of this shirt has a faint sense of light, not too high -profile, and the high -level sense is just right. Inside

Black vest

, Warm and safe.


A stiff fabric

The legs appear straight visually. There is also a high waist design+ingenious jacket corner, “


Short -term

“The proportion of body is here ~

When a petite girl wears wide -leg pants, remember to roll up the trousers and stuffed the shirt into the high waist. This should be the simplest and highly high skill.

When the shirt is opened on the jacket, put the inside inside into the jeans, which can also have the effect of showing high legs and long legs.

This is more like this than denim wide -leg pants.




I do n’t need to roll my feet. I just need to stuff my shirt into the waist of the trousers, and I do n’t wear long legs.


Third, stacking through vests elegant and decent

To create elegant and decent, knitted vests are essential.

Knit vest stacking shirts


The way to wear, whether it is going to work or casual control.


In this cold and hot season, use

Knitted vests stacking white shirts

It’s too suitable, with one


Pleated skirt

, Very good

College style

Feeling, age reduction effect Max.


This shirt shape is more suitable “

Apple figure

“Girls, loose knitted vests can easily hide the flesh on the waist and abdomen ~ Short skirts are long and avoiding weaknesses.

The upper body white shirt is stacked with white knitted vests, and a pair of black wide -leg pants are selected underneath, except for the classic


Black and white

In addition, this shape is even more neat and chic.


Knitwear stacking a shirt will wear. When choosing knitted vests, try to choose shoulders as much as possible


Small falling shoulder

Yes, this will not look width, and visually

Even thinner

The combination of knitted vest+shirt is also the best internal combination of spring, matching


Put on,

Outstanding, the most beautiful in the crowd is you.

In addition to the above three methods, it is okay

Through accessories

To improve the delicateness of wearing. For example, when a shirt is a coat, it inside

Two necklaces in stack

Can pass

Square watch


Exquisite bag


Come to embellish. use


A knot in front of the front, free and easy to age.

That’s it for today. Do you learn about the new ideas of wearing a shirt in spring?

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Wide leg pants