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Trump visited the State Border Wall. Photo source: Screenshot of the Video of Congress.

On July 1, local time, former US President Trump visited the Gota Valley Valley, southern Kosas. He criticized the current president of the United States in a public speech.

Back to a year ago

On June 30, more than 20 conservative Republican members of the Federal Republican members arrived in Macararon, Texas, and led by the President of the Republican Research Committee, I visited Trump’s “heart meat” – US -Mexico border wall.

At midnight of the day, they came to Rakacoya collectively at the US -Mexico border, and were interviewed by conservative media near a border wall, and carefully prepared a “reality show” who imitated illegal immigrants to steal the border.

In the early morning of July 1st, Trump arrived here under the local hot and humid weather, and made his appearance publicly on a period of unintentional “Trump Wall”.

Surrounding him, in addition to the more than the aforementioned Republican Federal MPs, as well as local Republican leaders, including Governor Abobot, Deputy Governor Patrick, and former senior adviser Miller, Trump, Trump spokesman Harlington et al.

They respectfully complied Trump “the unprecedented leader in the United States” and used a boo to interrupt the questioning of Trump’s CNN reporter Abuta. As an observer at the scene said, “I returned to a year ago.”

“Time backflow” is not only Trump’s audience and “holding”, but also himself: During the appearance of the day, he repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly ruled the “illegal” “the theory of the presidential election results”. “The stolen victory brings a disaster to the United States.”

What he said is naturally the most responding topic at the scene -he likes the “Trump Wall” most about the “Trump Wall”: The total length of this plan is about 453 miles in theory, but 373 miles are only in the original Reinforcement updates on the basis of isolation fence. Only 80 miles are truly new, which has only been repaired for 17 miles, and these 17 miles are all in the River Valley area.

“Biden, a pseudo -president, is destroying our country.” In the cheers of supporters, Trump uses the tone that people are familiar with, and emotionally talks about the “Trump Topic” that people are familiar with.

By his side, the number one “holding” Abbot “padded” from time to time, emphasizing that “under Trump’s wise leadership, we protect the boundaries and ensure the security of Texas and the United States.” The border has become amazing and disastrous. “

It’s all routines: Look at the dishes

Of course, Trump and the Republican leader are not targeted. On the contrary, this is a typical “watching the dishes”.

According to data from the US Customs and Border Protection, since October 2020, the Dezhou border patrol team has notified 870,000 experiences with illegal cross -border, with a significant increase of 291%year -on -year, more than half of which occurred in Delrio and in Dezhou Bylanville.

This situation has brought immediate political consequences: Texas has long been a famous “Red State”, the Republican Camp. Since 1994, no Democrats can be elected governor.

Despite the defeat of the Republican Party in 2020, the governor and the two federal senator seats of the two -Demo State are still firmly controlled by the Republican Party. The state has as many as 36 seats in the two courts of Congress.

However, the four counties of Rio Grand Valley, which are gathered by Latin -American immigrants, have always been the famous “Democratic Basin” in Dezhou. Local federal members have been extracted by the Democratic tiger for many years.

However, Gonzalez, who was a member of the two constituencies in the region in 2020, lost to Republican candidate Dracruz Elletis.

Recently, polls show that the Republican Party’s support in the region is still expanding, and the crux is not other. It is the influx of a large number of illegal immigrants, bringing a lot of uneasiness to local residents including Latin American descent, including security and employment concerns Essence

特朗普到访得州边境墙,抖露出一波“塑料兄弟情”| 京酿馆

The mystery of Trump’s victory in 2016 is “just talking to the target audience”, and whether he doesn’t care about himself will make the non -target audience feel uncomfortable. His goal was to come back in 2024, but faced the Democratic Party’s “pursuit of pursuit” and “blocking” of online social platforms. Any opportunity to make a public debut, he is not willing to waste, and he will want to be “not amazing.”

The Republican leaders think about the mid -term elections in 2022. Since the 2020 election, the Republican Party has also lost the majority of the White House and the Senate, which has become the “Grand Slam” (at the same time to control the White House and the two houses) of the Democratic Party, and the situation is very passive.

In the absence of more high recruits, the Republican Party could only continue his scalp to continue his treasure to Trump and dance with the latter’s topic.

How long can “plastic brother love” be maintained

Trump and Abbot, or simply, said that there is only a seemingly vivid and fragile “plastic brotherhood” between Trump and most Republican gangsters.

On June 30, in the face of “Good Friends” -Fox news host Han Niti, Trump once again made it clear that he would seek nominations for 2024 Republican presidential candidates. The purpose of Ohio is here.

However, Abbot and most Republican leaders think about the midterm elections. In fact, most of them are reluctant to talk about who supports the Republican party for the President of 2024. In fact, among the most popular candidates for the Republican Party in 2024, it includes Abbot himself.

The results of the poll are also very subtle.

Reuters/Yippso’s poll from June 11th to 17th shows that among the 4,420 interviewees in the United States, the “immigration problem” is that the proportion of the United States’ priority is less than 10%, which is 5%of the April. One percentage point. Among them, the proportion of the Communist and Party Branch holding this view is only 19%, and the similar investigation has dropped by 10 percentage points from April.

Of course, the situation of Biden is not good: the proportion of the border issues of the border is only 40%, but the proportion of dislikes is as high as 47%.

It is conceivable that once the election of the mid -2022 ended in 2022, regardless of the results, the Republican leaders, especially Abbot and others, and the “plastic brotherhood” between Trump and Trump will be truly tested -because there is only one in the Republican Party that there can be one in the Republican Party Presidential candidate.

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