This pair of pointed rhinestones high -heeled sandals, put on its temperament straight line up


Some time ago, I saw a pair of black rhinestone mesh high heels when I was shopping with me.

It’s so beautiful! Hurry up and chop your hands together.

Yesterday, the company met with a lecture on PPT,

I look a little more formal in order to wear my black suit

Wearing this pair of black high -heeled shoes,

Standing in front of the mirror, I feel that I feel that the temperament is straight up! UP! UP!

What surprises me is that I have a meeting for more than an hour in a row


I don’t feel tired at all

After going to work for half an hour, I went home for half an hour

There is no feeling of grinding your feet at all

The high heels I have bought before are very grinding


I don’t know if it’s the reason for shoes or my feet.

Take a pair of big -name high heels I started before


Wear once

Heel directly grinds bleeding


Anyway, I dare not try to wear it anymore


The price of these shoes is moderate

Novel and fashionable styles

It’s very comfortable on your feet

I announced the success of the female guest with heartbeat

I plan to start with two pairs of apricot colors

A pair of black high heels for yourself

I hope that you can find the right heels that are suitable for your own, which is not a big name, the key is suitable for your feet. If you like more stories about high -heeled shoes, follow me.