Too dangerous! “290,000 yuan was almost transferred away.” Wuhan women met a moment when they were shocked


Source: Changjiang Daily

March 31

Wuhan is raining

Citizen Ms. Huang looked in a hurry

Go out of the house


the other side

Wuhan police are urgently retrieved monitoring

Tracking along the road


Ms. Huang received the phone call and said that she was “wanted”



On the morning of March 31st, Ms. Huang, who lived in Wuhan River Bank District, received a strange call. The other party claimed to be “staff of the Provincial Communications Administration”, saying that Ms. Huang was suspected of financial fraud and was “wanted”. “Shanghai Public Security Bureau”, the other party issued a “wanted order”.

Ms. Huang was very scared, so she rushed to a place near the house as required by the other party, downloaded the so -called “security software” and video chat software, and accepted “video inquiry”.

Liar and Ms. Huang’s video call page.

Ms. Huang couldn’t get a call

Police judgment: Models may be transferred at any time

At about 10 o’clock that day, the anti -fraud center of the Jiang’an Branch of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau received the telecommunications fraud warning. The early warning officer Peng Li quickly called Ms. Huang’s call, but it could not be connected.

Police Pan Li judged that Ms. Huang was likely to talk to the scammer at this time, and quickly notified the police from the Takazi Police Station in the jurisdiction to intercept.

Wang Suhao and Song Yibin, police officers of the Tasaki Police Station, rushed to Ms. Huang’s residence and found that she was not at home. The mother -in -law told them that the daughter -in -law hurriedly came out of the door not long ago, and did not say where to go.

The police judged that Ms. Huang was likely to go to a place where she could not be disturbed by others according to the scammer’s request. At this time, she was brainwashed by a scammer and might be transferred at any time.

Transfer page sent by scammers.

Police raining tracking

I found her under a tree in the park

By retraining the surveillance video, Pan Li found that after Ms. Huang left the community, she took a taxi along Tasaki Lake East Road to Huangpi. At this time, it was raining outside. Wang Suhao and Song Yibin drove along the East Road of Taszi Lake to search. Pan Li continued to track the direction of the taxi through a video.

At 10:40, the video showed that after getting off the car, Ms. Huang entered the Fuhe Country Park alone. Wang Suhao and Song Yibin drove to catch up again. After arriving, they searched in the park according to the characteristics of clothing.

The police found Ms. Huang in the park.

Twenty minutes later, Ms. Huang finally found that she called under a tree. At this moment, Ms. Huang

I’m preparing to enter the bank card number

, According to the request of the other party to the “security account” …


Under anxiety,

Song Yibin stepped forward to take the phone that was talking to the call, and scolded the other side of the phone: “You dare to lie!”

The trick of the scammer was exposed on the spot.

After being captured by the mobile phone, Ms. Huang still did not wake up, saying that she was accepting “video inquiry”.

The police immediately told her: “This is all fake!” And helped her uninstall the fraud software installed in the mobile phone.

The police found Ms. Huang to intercept the transfer in time.

After the police patiently propaganda, Ms. Huang woke up like a dream, and


She said that the account had RMB 290,000. If the police arrived later, the money would be transferred.


Police reminder

1. Public prosecution law agencies will not handle cases through social tools such as telephones, QQ and WeChat.

2. The public prosecution law organs will not send the “wanted order” and “arrest warrant” to the parties through the Internet.

3. Public inspection law agencies will not ask the victims to provide information such as bank cards or Alipay on the phone.

4. If you are accidentally cheated or suspicious, please pay attention to retain the evidence and immediately call 110 and 96110 to call the police or consult.

Make a vigilance, beware of fraud!