Imported solid wood cloak rack pictures appreciation, solid wood cloak rack renderings


Most of the cloak racks are placed in the imported position. If you don’t like the cloak rack that is too regular, then you can look at the imported solid wood coat racks introduced today. Small items, gather the temporary storage functions commonly used in the home, can be used to properly put clothes, shoes and portable accessories, and the overall shape is also simple and generous.


1.made by hand

As a Danish furniture brand, Made by Hand, its cloak rack brand is made of birch solid wood, which is strong and durable. The minimalist design is very beautiful in any environment. The matte white paint surface is easy to clean without reflection. The design is very detailed, and all screw holes are equipped with covered stickers, making the overall white and flawless.


2.Bauwerk Parkett

As one of Europe’s leading floor tile manufacturers, Bauwerk provides an innovative scope to represent a conscious design of a healthy life and personal living environment. The trunk of each tree tells a story, and each wooden floor is a living “unique”.



MZPA is a young manufacturer that focuses on creating beautiful and practical wood products. We are a furniture manufacturer. We use our soul and energy to enrich our products. We create a product to make our lives simpler and more convenient and create a special spiritual space. We are proud of this.



Pikka is the brand of Slovenia, and is committed to bringing a wonderful design to life. They have rich experience to create beautiful functional items, enrich our living environment, and bring the beautiful things we desire. The first product series of Pikka is Familia Circulum. The product is carved with exquisite materials, which makes this space exudes a functional elegance.


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