Why is your Teddy’s body worse and worse? So you have always raised it


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Everyone who raises Teddy knows that Teddy is not a dog who is very easy to get sick, but some Teddy of some pet owners is getting worse and worse. Why? After reading it, I know that you have been raising it like this!

As a small dog, Teddy is not as many as medium and large dogs. Generally, it is enough to go out for about half an hour.

However, some pet owners always take Teddy to move for several hours, which leads to excessive exercise in Teddy, increasing the burden on the body, causing the body to be unable to load. If you keep changing, Teddy’s body will become worse and worse.


Teddy does not lose hair, so in order to clean it, you need to take a bath regularly, but this time is not every day. If you take a bath frequently, it will easily cause damage to Teddy’s skin and be more susceptible to skin diseases.


And Teddy, who suffers from skin diseases, will only get worse and worse, so don’t raise Teddy like this.

Teddy, like humans, needs enough water every day. If Teddy drinks insufficient water every day and the body is lost by 10%of water, it will cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. When the body is lost by 20%of water, it may be possible. Caused death.


Therefore, when the pet owner prepares teddy very little, leads to the long -term lack of water in Teddy, the teddy body will become worse and worse.

Do you think only Teddy’s health is important? In fact, Teddy’s psychological health is also very important. If Teddy is left out for a long time, Teddy does not feel the owner’s love, and the psychology will slowly change and severe depression.

When Teddy is depressed, it will not eat or drink, and the body will naturally worse and worse. Therefore, the pets mainly accompany Teddy, interact with it more, and reward some snacks appropriately. Teddy will be very happy.

Some pet owners think that Teddy is fat and looks good, so I eat a lot of things for Teddy, but I do n’t know that your behavior will make Teddy worse and worse.

Because Teddy obesity can bring many diseases, such as fatty liver and pancreatitis, which will affect Teddy health. Do not feed Teddy too fat. If Teddy is obese, you must do two points. One is a low -fat diet, and the other is more exercise.




Are you always raising Teddy like this?