Silicone and latex gloves, do you distinguish their differences?


In daily life, you can often see many disposable gloves and other slim gloves. Many friends think that this is a collagen fiber material. It feels that it is silicone and plastic. Maybe both are not, but belong to the latex material. At this stage, disposable latex gloves are closer to silicone materials, so how should you distinguish them!

Technically, friends who have mastered the processing process of latex and silicone products know that there will be some differences in different glue processing processes. Silicone is the same as that of silicone and latex. Silicone gloves belong to the molding injection molding process. The key Inject the materials or placed in the mold shells to form a high temperature formation. The vulcanized rubber time is longer and the temperature is higher. The latex of the latex is not the same. The model of the model encounters adhesives and gel. Wet luminous collagen sutra, dried dried, dried filtration, dryness and sulfide rubber and other processes, that is, to make finished products.

The stretching of latex is better, and the stretching back has a strong range. It can be pulled up above 300%on one -time gloves, and the stretching of silicone is up to 150%. The strength of the latex is slightly stretched, and the elasticity amplitude is stronger. The actual effect of the touch is more than that. The surface of the latex of the latex is higher.

At the level of taste and performance indicators, the taste of silicone is slightly lower, and the latex taste of latex is higher. Because of the material, different gel species will undoubtedly have the heat smell of the main parameters. The heat resistance of latex can be slightly lower than the silicone, and there is no strong service life without silicone materials under high temperature conditions. The taste and color of the two collagen fiber gloves are different.


In daily life, people can often see latex gloves in home, industrial production, large shopping malls, shopping malls, beauty skin care and other fields. It has universal use in industrial manufacturing, diagnosis and treatment, and daily life.