(Retrieved) Chongqing urgently search!The old lady lost, short hair, tea -colored sunglasses, blue -purple floral tops, beige pants


Latest news: Those who have lost their family members have been recovered by volunteers and family members. Please pay attention to the netizens who are concerned about it!In order to protect the parties’ privacy, their names, photos and family members are now removed.

Lost, Gender: Female

The age of the loss: 74

Loss characteristics: short hair, wearing tea -colored sunglasses, wearing blue -purple floral tops, beige pants, 1.45 meters high, suffering from dementia

Loss time: 2022-05-02

Lost location: Chongqing, Chongqing, Renmin West Road, Fuling District


Contact: Family

Other information: Information is provided by Chongqing Fuling Blue Sky Volunteer

Whether to report to the police: Yes