Zhang Ruohuan’s figure “I didn’t have to say”, wearing black printed cotton cotton is so handsome, and her personality is chic


Maybe boys’ requirements for fashion are all


, It may also be that many boys do not know how to wear a sense of fashion. In daily life, rarely appears to be people

In front of

Boys. Obviously many boys have a tall figure, but they do not know how to use it. The options they choose are daily and ordinary.

If you don’t know how to wear fashion, you can try to match

Long clothing

Especially for boys, the existence of long clothing can help you better recessed fashion styling. Maybe many people don’t know how the high -level sense of long clothing is created? Then come to understand this issue


Fashionable charm of long clothing

Long costumes for short clothing

More aura

It looks more chic and handsome. At the same time, there is a strong matching. Many long clothing is self -design, so you only need to match it

Simple and fresh

The costumes can create a sense of advanced, whether it is very daily and convenient.

Of course, long costumes are not everyone.


Well, the long model is not only a tall boy can wear a gas field. For short men, it is easy to be suppressed, resulting in it


Even shorter

Essence However, it is precisely because of the characteristics of long clothing that tall boys are more unique and highly wearing long clothing.

The matching scheme of long clothing

● Classic long clothing

Of course not all clothing can be designed

Long version

Essence However, after the screening of the fashion industry, a lot of classic and high -end long clothing is worth choosing. If you have a sense of fashion

Clear cognition

Then you can choose a single product that suits you from the classic high -end clothing.

For example, long cotton clothes, long coats,

Long trench coat

Waiting for a good choice, it can show different masculinity, and at the same time with strong practicality. Who can refuse such a unique long costume? A long jacket that boys who are not tall enough to try, handsome and chic, release


Male hormones


● Long printed cotton clothing

Maybe many people think that printed clothing is too feminine, and boys rarely choose printed clothing. In fact, the printing can create different feelings and styles based on the changes in the pattern, including the tough printing that is very suitable for men. It also exists. The printed unique and high -level mainly depends on how people use it.


For example,

Black print cotton clothing

It is very suitable for men to wear. Through the colorful printing pattern, the overall personality is uninhibited, and the handsomeness and chicness of men can better show the men’s handsomeness and chic. Black as the bottom, using color printing embellishment, it will only give people high -level and sexy, there will


● The matching of long clothing


Except for long clothing itself

High -level sense

When wearing long clothing, pay attention to the matching of long clothing. Although long clothing does not need to be matched with unique individual products, but in order to truly show the fashion atmosphere, the overall matching is very good with the long clothing


For example, the printed cotton clothing is very suitable for black inner, whether it is a black T -shirt or

Black worker pants

It can enhance the overall chic and mature sense of maturity. At the same time, with black Martin boots, it can show male charm. How can a boy who knows the match missed a long jacket?

High -level

Very unique, learn not to lose.

Demonstration of long clothing wear

● Light brown thick windbreaker

As we all know, the biggest benefit of trench coat is cold prevention and warmth, but in addition, the windbreaker can also show a good figure in men and better release.


Essence The light brown trench coat gives people a very wide feeling, creating the temperament of mature boys.

In addition, the pure black system was selected. Pure black sweater match

Pure black trousers

It can better highlight the high -level sense of light brown windbreaker, and with black Martin boots, it can better show the mature and high -level sense of the whole person.

● Dark blue checkered coat

Compared to trench coats, the coat will be more stylish. The coat uses the shoulder pad design to create an H version, which can better highlight the sense of lines, which can better show

Men’s stability


At the same time, dark blue creates a plaid effect, so that the coat looks

More fashionable

Essence With the black bottoming shirt and blue jeans, it successfully shows the casual comfort, making the whole set more like



, Unique and advanced.

● Light brown color light trench coat

The light trench coat gives people a more free and comfortable feeling. The overall curve design is used, which requires men to have a very wide posture to better show

Men’s charm

force. The thin trench coat does not have too much support, giving people a more casual feeling, and at the same time, with light brown, it can show a high -level fashion sense.

White T -shirt and

Black trousers

Cooperate, using basic design can better highlight the uniqueness and high -level sense of light brown and light trench coat. At the same time, select

Black woolen hat


Coordination, giving the race a very uninhibited feeling, which enhances the sense of youth of the whole person, it looks better

High -level unique

Long clothing

Male hormones