The forty years of glory of the ping -pong scene is still the classic that can join hands with Er to the white head -Steca CL


Wish to have a person’s heart, the white head will not be separated.

This is how many people’s desire for love, but for table tennis friends, especially those who spend special money, they are also eager to have a perfect bottom plate. Planting Chinese and foreign anti -glue, granular gel, straightened horizontal board, and even you want to play tickets to cut the ball! This requirement is too good!

But she really exists!


You may not believe it. She is in her forties. She has experienced the devastation of the reform of small balls, gel ban, and plastic balls. Hirano Miyu World Cup breaks through the national table tennis defense line to win the championship … She is Steca CL.

The reason why the classics are called classics is because her speed, strength, rotation, and control can reach a considerable height, can also coordinate and unify, and to stand the development and reform of equipment and technology! Bellers

CL is compared with a ruler, she can faithfully show her technology!

The staggered Ayus+two -layer Linba noodle material, the small ball controls the pure wood feel, is precise and exquisite, and the crispy core material of Steica brings you unparalleled speed and power to make people want! The fast arc board of the small ball era and the fast -breaking balance now made me difficult to distinguish.

Facing the discerning golfers, CL has already formed a huge ethnic group to be satisfied with you! Steca CL, Cl.CR, CL.CR.WRC, Hardwood Rose Facial Material CL, Carbon CL.CC, Victor’s Swat series, muddy teacher’s pure wood, butterfly Polk seven clip, Nita Tower The big birds, Yula, Old Sa … countless!

Want to choose the hard selection:, the hardest choice of rose CL

Selection of important attacks on the center of gravity: the CL of the WRC version

Want to change the carbon selection:

Due to abandoning Steca’s workmanship: Butterfly Polk Seven Cocks

CL is too thick, unpretentious: Victors SWAT

Want to choose top matching CL: Victor Dan Yu Xiaoshi pure wood

Balanced performance, good choice: Naga version of the big bird

Selection of one -sided pull ball: Small single -sized butterfly Yoshida Haiwei

I like the gentleman Lao Sa: Choose the upright Samsonov

(Also welcome everyone to add) …

CL is older than me, and it is definitely older than 90%of the ball friends. Maybe it ’s not perfect like which golfer said that CL has never played CL!