Japanese Star Dad Jimoto series enlarged the trick, and continue to buy, buy and empty wallets


Some time ago, is the little friends swiped the screen crazy about the 47 capital Daofu County, which was launched by Starbucks? I have to admit that Starbucks has nothing to say in the combination of local culture and coffee culture.

Every Xingbingle looks like appetite, and can’t wait to check in!

If it is inconvenient to fly to the local taste, can there be other ways to participate in the local limitation of Starbucks? The careful star father, of course, helped us consider that before the launch of Xingbingle, the 47 Daofu County,

Starbucks already has an exclusive brand that combines local culture- “Jimoto Made Series”.

“Jimoto” in Japanese has the meaning of local and hometown. The so -called Jimoto Made is a Starbucks limited product made in combination with traditional craftsmanship in different regions of Japan. Each model is invited to build local craftsmen. It is a good choice as a gift or self -use. It is not so much a product, it is a exquisite crafts.

The Jimoto Made series can only be bought in limited shops, does not participate in online vendors, and sometimes out of stock. If you encounter it during travel, don’t miss it!


At present, 14 products have been released in this series. Young Jun has selected four new products that have cooperated in recent years. If you are interested, continue to look down!



Yamili County Jia State Indian Cup

In 2021, the Jimoto series Hua Luo Luo County launched the “Jiazhou Seal” cup of Yamani County. This skill, known as the “Jiazhou Soul”, has been inherited for more than 400 years.

The material of the transmission of A states is deer skin. First of all, the deer skin should be treated to make the deer skin soft and tough, meet the re -processing standards, and then use bright paint to draw a beautiful pattern on it.


The earliest technique was used on the armor and helmet of the samurai. In modern times, this skill is more used in small crafts such as making bags and wallets.

State Buck’s State Indian Cup,

The pattern above contains not only the family pattern of Takeda’s family pattern Takeda Ling, Fuji cherry blossoms, and pupae, but also adds the Starbucks logo Siren fish scales, which is very clear and elegant.

The enabled manufacturer was founded in 1955. The president is the title holder of the only traditional craftsman in Japan’s only State India. Essence

Jimoto Made Series


A State Indian Cup (with Cup Cup) 9020 yen (including tax)


Kyoto Prefecture Original Federation of Fuyu

Starbucks Kyoto pray for a small pendant series of blessings. Its prototype comes from the unique custom objects unique to the only area of ​​Kyoto -“Fuyu”.

Fuyu was originally a small object that the children and the dancers received the New Year’s lottery as the New Year’s money. It is said that there is also the custom of opening the clock after the bell on New Year’s Eve, and use the things inside to divination the new year’s fortune.

Fuyu’s appearance is a ball, a bit like the capsules we are talking about today. The ball is equipped with different small pendies that mean different meaning. When you get the “blessing” represented by which pendant is stained.


Starbucks has a total of three mascots,

This is this 児 (avoiding evil spirits for children), horses and dogs (blessing children to grow up, guarding women), and recruiting cats (gathering popular). Recruiting cats have limited colors of shops (white, black, three flower cats)


If you go for the wealth cat, you must search for strategy in advance! Avoid running for nothing ~

The maker of the pendant is also the old shop. Founded in 1859,

Each piece of pendant is handmade. This small pendant series is very popular in the local area. It is replenished on the 3rd every month. Friends who want to grab can be counted as a good day.

Original pendant at 2530 yen (including tax)




Kumamoto Prefecture Xiaodai Boil Coffee Cup


When it comes to Kumamoto, everyone thinks for the first time must be Meng Meng Kumamoto Bear! But Xiong Ben County’s Kumamoto Prefecture is limited not only to Xiong, but the material of the cup is also very simple.


This small cup that looks the same as the soil is a special pottery in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture.


Xiaocai is a gray gray glaze mixed with straw ash, charcoal, and long stone on the soil with a large iron content, and then poured ceramic made of white glaze and yellow glaze. It is a “appliance” with the middle nature of pottery and porcelain, and the microwave oven can also be used.

The mouth of this cup is developed by baristas and producers to meet the needs of coffee drinking.


The cup is wide and the cup is thin. The coffee is naturally dripping into the mouth along the shape of the lips. Drinking coffee no longer has to worry about leaking out.


The wall wall is designed with the prototype of Aso Mountain. In the ranking of “Famous Water Election” in Japan, a total of 8 water sources in Kumamoto Prefecture are selected. The original intention of making this coffee cup.

Each of the small coffee cup is limited to 5, friends who want to buy must remember.

Small -generation coffee cup 6490 yen (including tax)



Nara County mosquito net woven blanket

Not a mosquito net! Not a mosquito net!

Mosquito nets are characterized by rough weaving like “nets”. Just like its name, the fabric of the “mosquito net” that used to resist mosquitoes in the past was used, with both insulation and breathability.

Starbucks has five layers of “mosquito net weaving” blankets, which can be used all year round. The fabric is 100%cotton. Babies can be used by babies. Washing is also very convenient. Just throw it directly into the washing machine.

In the pattern, this blanket adds bright and lively fruit green dots and Nara’s deer. It is very fresh and suitable for use at hand.


5940 yen of mosquito nets (including tax)

How about it? Is it very exciting? The ten previously launched by the Jimoto series are:

Ehime County -Three Tang Kusamoto Ministry 三 Mark Cup

Using “Wu Xue Se” on the white porcelain, the traditional pattern “Tangcao” added to Meishan Kiln is very blue and white porcelain.

Hiroshima Prefecture -Yu Sanda Mark Cup


The cup material is the “Miyakashima Royal Sand Roast” made by the World Cultural Heritage Shrimelion Royal Sand and clay. Because of the sacred royal sand, it is also called “Shenshafeng”. The red leaf pattern on it is sticked one by one, which will remind people of the beautiful and quiet scenery of the shrine.

Ishikawa County -Kowloon Burning Mark Cup


Using green, yellow, purple, 绀 绀 and red, which is called “Kowloon Five Color”, the four Mark Cups are inspired by “flowers and birds”, showing the various techniques and styles of Jiu ancient burning for more than 300 years. The Kaga area is limited.

Shiga Prefecture -Kaga Nobunaga Burning Mark Cup

As one of the six ancient kiln in Japan, the utensils burned in the 1200 -year -old Shinle Kiln, the red pattern is like a cute raccoon cat. The red on the cup noodles is the color of the pottery oxidized.

Nagasaki Prefecture -Sanchuan Nei -roasted coffee cup

It is said that the earliest materials used to make coffee cups in Japan were Sanchuan Burning. This coffee cup reproduced the craftsmanship at that time. The design of white and blue also has the style of port cities.

Aomori Prefecture -Jinqing Glass

A total of four coffee cups were launched in Jinqing area, which just corresponds to the four seasons here. Sakura flies in spring, the autumn is full of red leaves, the mood of the cup is beautiful, and the skill of Jinliang’s handmade glass is also amazing.


Gifu County -missile alpine lacquerware cup

Missile High Mountain is famous for wooden lacquer wares. This lacquerware Mark Cup is inspired by high mountains. There are two models, one is an embroidered pattern of winter clothing and thick fabrics in the mountain area. pattern.

Fukuoka Prefecture -Kobayashi Burning Coffee Cup


The simple and warm Mark Cup. The traditional technique of Xiaoshi Baying “Flying Plane” is designed. In order to better enjoy coffee, a large -caliber design is specially adopted.


Birds County -Xuanrui Kiln Mark Cup


Bird’s county is in the sea. When the summer is about to end, the sea water will appear slightly transparent blue. This blue is the original color of Xuanrui Kiln. It collides with blue and beige, showing a good manner. Sea and dunes.

Tokyo Metropolis -Edo Cut the Glass


Edo Cutoko originated in the Edo period and is a traditional glass carving process in Japan. This glass of Starbucks uses the traditional “Seven Treasures” and “Octagonal Cage” of Edo Cutting, which is polished by hand. In the hands of the craftsman, the glass shares the glory of diamonds. It can only be bought in some shops in Mutian -ku, Tokyo.

Starbucks’s beautiful cup really can’t be collected!

Traveling and collecting cups, have you ready to check in one by one?


Jimoto Made Series

Jimoto Made Series


Jimoto Made Series