6 shoes that must be worn in a successful men’s wardrobe, will you wear everyday?


Leather shoes are men’s iconic items. Every successful man will not leave a pair of leather shoes.


It can be said that leather shoes are the second face of men. In the official business shape, leather shoes and suits are complementary, and the status of leather shoes in the shape is as important.

Although it is said that sports shoes are currently on the same way, it is still impossible to replace the role of leather shoes.

Leather shoes represent authority and formal sense.

The style of leather shoes is also very diverse. Each one has its meaning, and each one is classic.

In the formal occasion, a pair of leather shoes are essential. Leather shoes are also the first choice for creating classic styles. Some mature and stable men’s wardrobes must be hidden in a few pairs of classic leather shoes.

The most common styles in styling are: Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Mengke shoes and loafers,

In the autumn and winter shapes, Chelsea leather boots are also a good business model.

1. Oxford Shoes

Classic Oxford shoes originated from Scotland, dating back to the 17th century, this shoe became popular in Oxford University in the UK. It was also the uniform shoes of school boys at that time. Therefore, the initial development of Oxford shoes was also attributed to Oxford University.

However, many people often confuse Oxford shoes and Derby shoes. Sometimes they are sometimes unclear. In fact, their structural characteristics are far from the difference, and it is easy to distinguish.

The distinction between the two styles is mainly due to changes in the structure of the upper.

1. Derby shoes:

The biggest feature of shoes is made by the tongue and upper.


2. Oxford shoes:

The tongue and upper of Oxford shoes are spliced. Instead, the wings under the shoelaces are connected to the upper, and the upper is also closed.


There are also many styles in the style of Oxford shoes.


CAP-TOE Oxford shoes are very high in business occasions. The upper is spliced ​​from three large pieces of leather. It is also called three-connecting shoes in China.


The full -cut style is very simple, it looks like a piece of leather, and it is also a very formal shoes.

The characteristics of Wingtip Oxford shoes are very distinctive. The upper structure has a “W” shape. There are many elements of Brock carved in the upper. Therefore, it is also called Brock Oxford shoes. Wear on the occasion.

The style of Balmoral Oxford shoes also uses the structure of “W”, but the upper has less Brock’s carving technology, which also allows the shoe to create a formal gentleman’s shape.


Oxford shoes are the first choice of formal styling and are also known as “the most formal shoes”.


Therefore, when you need to wear formal clothes, you can choose a pair of Oxford shoes to create a formal shape.


Don’t think that only black leather shoes can create a formal sense,


Brown leather shoes can also wear solemn and formal shapes.

When wearing leather shoes, the bag should also be selected well. A bag that echoes the color of the shoes can make the shape more tasteful. When you meet your customers everyday, you can show your personal image temperament.


With the traditional color suits, the styling is mature and stable, and in the stylish style of business, Oxford shoes also appear very quality. In the shape, the shoes and the turtleneck sweater in the shape are also very layered.

In business fashion, trousers can choose nine -point pants, which can better reflect the sense of fashion, and the grasp of the shape will be better.

2. Derby Shoes


In addition to the classic and formal Oxford shoes, the formal occasions that Derby shoes can appear. Because the structure of Derby shoes is different from Oxford shoes, it is the opening of the shoe holes of its upper, so the shoes can be adjusted to adjust the width. Function.


Therefore, some partners with a wide foot can be matched with Derby shoes, and the shape is also very formal.

Many times the shape of Derby shoes will be spit, because the style is not selected well,


If the style is not selected well, it is equivalent to destroying a shape directly.

When choosing Derby shoes, try to avoid too much pointed or shiny leather, and there is not too much on the upper opening, otherwise it will also affect the beauty.

A set of gray suit with a pair of black leather shoes is also very harmonious. The gray suit looks like a high -level sense.

The appearance rate of Derby shoes in business styles is also very high. The daily style is selected, and the shape is very fashionable and versatile.

The shape of the brown Derby shoes will be relatively casual, but the daily work is also very calm, and the color of the bags and shoes is still highlighting.


The style of suede is completely casual, and suede shoes are more fashionable in the creation of casual fashion.

3. Monk Shoes

Meng Ke’s shoes, also known as monks shoes, are one of the four major leather shoes.

Having a high sense of formality, the shape of the formal occasion is both personal and calm.

According to the record of Meng Ke’s shoes originated in the 15th century, the biggest feature of the shoe is the horizontal band of the upper, with the decoration and fixing of the metal buckle. It is called Monk-STRAP, and the tongue and upper are also connected.


Because the style of the horizontal band is rich in the style of the Mengke shoes itself, Mengke shoes can make the shape more clear than Oxford shoes or Derby shoes.

And the shoes are as stable as ever in business shapes, and a pair of Mengke shoes can make your shape more change.


The style of the shoes can also bring a trace of elegant style, so that the shape will not be too rigid in the rigorous and formal.


It can be matched with various formal suits. In fact, the brown style in Mengke’s shoes is more versatile, and it can also create a variety of casual fashion styles.

4. Loafer Shoes

Lefu’s shoes are a pair of shoes that can be casual and can create a gentleman. It can be seen in various occasions in spring, summer, autumn and winter.


The shape of the low -top mouth of Lefu’s shoes is like a boat, so it is also called “boat shoes”.

The most common style of loafers is:


Pneumatic Lefa Shoes, Flat Love Shoes, Horse Caps Lefu Shoes,

The style structure of the three shoes is easy to distinguish.


The shape of the plain Lefa shoes will look mature and stable, and the style of the loss and the horsepower buckle brings the styling to leisure and fashion.


When wearing a loafers, you must wear it together. If you wear too wide the shoes, you will have a feeling that you will take off. Tightering will also make your toes uncomfortable.


When pairing with trousers, nine -point trousers are the first choice. The pants should not be too long or too short. In spring and summer, you can expose ankle, and you must match big socks in autumn and winter.

Love shoes can also create business shapes, but it is not as formal as other leather shoes, and it is enough to deal with daily business work.


If you want to create a casual fashion style with Lefu shoes, a pair of suede styles are worth recommending. The suede style will not be too formal, and it is more comfortable to wear.

The upper with a decorative buckle has an elegant style. It is different from Mengke shoes. The horizontal band of Lefu shoes is only a decoration effect, while Mengke shoes can adjust the tightness and fixing of the shoes The role.

5. Brogue Shoes

I believe that everyone’s impression of Brock’s shoes is relatively profound, using the classic retro carved dew air crafts on the shoes. The original purpose of this process is to drain water.


In the 16th century Scottish and Irish people invented this shoe in order to work in a humid area, and today’s carved shoes are very popular.

Therefore, as long as these carved crafts are used on leather shoes, they will be called “Brock shoes”.


Just like the carving technology in Oxford shoes or Derby shoes, in addition to collectively referred to as Brock shoes, it can also be called Brock Oxford shoes and Brockbie shoes.


The use of carved flowers will also affect the style of the shoes. Adding a little carved style to the stitching structure of the upper is still very formal, and the shoes will also look fashionable after adding the toe. The shoes of these crafts are very casual.

The use of this carving makes the style of leather shoes more diversified, so when choosing Brock shoes, you can match it according to the needs of the occasion.

6. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots can be said to be the only pair of boots that can create business models,


The design of Chelsea boots is not the same as other boots. There is no shoelace. The loose material stitching on both sides of the shoe tube makes the shoes easier to wear.


Chelsea boots originated from the equestrian movement, and what really was promoted was the late 20th century and the early 1960s. Whether it was fashion stars, artists, film and television or rock music singers, they were keen on this shoe.

Because the design of the shoes and the upper is relatively simple, it is also suitable for some official business shapes, and the suede style can also create a fashionable street style.


Chelsea boots are a must -have shoe for gentleman men. In autumn and winter, keep warm and make the shape more tough.

The shape with trousers is also very calm, and the shape will not be too conservative. It is a good choice for daily business fashion style.


The style of suede can make the shape a variety of styles, making the shape as rough when paired with jeans.

The shape is full of unruly charm when it is matched with leather clothes. Although this shape is classic, it is also outstanding.


With the shape of a coat and turtleneck sweater, the gentleman’s elegance can also be available.

Mixing and matching the hooded sweater is also young and fashionable. The simple shoes make the shape look generous, and it is very versatile in daily leisure shapes.

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