The 4S shop said that the five -piece car set, including which five “sets”?


The five -piece car of the car is with the progress of the times, people are right

Automotive interior

The requirements for increased requirements, the five -piece car of the car includes cars


2, 1 car waist pillow, car


Two. The car pillow is mainly placed on the chest by the people to keep warm and promote blood circulation; the waist pillow is placed behind the waist to slow down the local pressure of the waist, promote blood circulation, and place the headrest in the headrest.

seat cushion

Above, let the driver or ride can be placed to reduce neck pressure. Generally speaking, these five pieces are used for fluffy, with high -grade PP cotton, or bamboo charcoal, or elastic silk cotton in the interior.



Although consumers like to have good comfort in car seats in pure cotton texture, considering that the sleeve requires certain wear resistance and beautification, merchants will add silk in cotton. However, in this way, the problem of the love of the cotton set is not small, and the problem of the cotton mixed seat set of love jumping.

Seat cushion


It can be divided into three types of sets, five -piece and seven -piece set. The three -piece set refers to the seat cushion of the two front seats and the seat cushion of the rear long row. The five -piece set is the back of the two front seats on the basis of the three -piece set, seven Piece is added to the back of the rear seats on the basis of five -piece set. Generally speaking, the more the number, the more expensive the price.

There are high -end pure wool, middle -grade imitation fur, cotton products, ordinary blended and fleece.

Ordinary velvet pads: The grade is low, and you can buy one set of more than 100 yuan. The disadvantage is that it is easy to lose hair and easily stand electricity.

Cotton cushion: The version looks good, the seat is comfortable, it is treated with anti -static treatment.

Imitation pads: Various styles, moderate prices, suitable for ordinary family cars, can be replaced with the update of each year.

Pure wool seat cushion: Also known as sheep shear seat cushion, it is suitable for mid -to -high -end cars. It is characterized by good feel and not easy to drop hair. It feels furry and gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. The expensive price is tens of thousands, or even tens of thousands of yuan.

Among these pads, the high -end wool seat cushions are divided into three types: flat, high and low velvet and long plush. Among them, the furry fluffy folds are good and not easy to drop hair, which is suitable for mid -to -high -end cars; the high and low velvet pads are named because the middle is flat and the two sides are named. It also makes the entire seat cushion less bloated, and the space in the car is not so narrow. Generally, the owners of high -end cars choose more seat cushions; long plush cushions are the most luxurious of the three, which is more suitable for high -end and luxurious official vehicles.

Special reminder: If the seat itself is velvet or fabric, then the three -piece set of cushions is enough; if the seat is leather, it is best to choose five or seven -piece sets with a back, because the leather seats are leather seats I feel cold in winter. Back can also protect the leather seats that are prone to hardening in dry winter.

When buying a seat cushion, the owner must distinguish it from the artificial pads, which is usually called fake wool pads. The price of fake wool pads is not high, and ordinary families use very affordable.

The price of all -round cushions is more expensive, and buying the most attentive. First of all, it depends on whether the hair is dense and shiny, whether it feels soft, and the good fur smells without odor.

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