Four -lobe brooch -BlingBling


step 1:


Step 2:

The first is to design the entire shape. If you like it, you can directly draw it with thin paper (● ‘◡’ ●) ❤ ❤

Step 3:

First fix the middle drill chain. Use glue here.


Step 4:


Then sew it with a transparent thread and put on golden rice beads in the middle. It is used to block the gap of the drill chain. Because my drilling chain is not long enough, I have to use this method. If your drilling chain is long enough, the drill is seamless!


Step 5:


The larger part of the middle gap is used with large rice beads, and the small part of the gap next to the gap is used.

Step 6:

The four leaves are also sticky with glue first. When I was sewing in the middle, I wore a small golden rice bead.


Step 7:


There is a lap of Indian silk inside.

Step 8:

This will be more layered. When the seam of India is seam, be sure not to pull it gently.

Step 9:

This time I designed the gradient leaves. Use the upper row of four -color beads. Of course you can design it!


Step 10:

Design the position of the large drill. Because I do n’t have much green decoration, only these can be used.

Step 11:


Start up from the dark sewing.


Step 12:

Add light beads when transition.


Step 13:


The last article is all rice beads, which can transition obviously. After the overall adjustment, the beads can be stacked and stacked, and there will be a full and three -dimensional feeling.

Step 14:


The effect from the side.

Step 15:


Add a hard cardboard in the middle and sew it with PU leather at the bottom. (Introduction to the previous tutorial) I didn’t have time to sew the bottom here. I took the tutorial first, hee hee, hee hee

Step 16:

Beautiful take pictures

Step 17:


It is very suitable for spring brooch!

Step 18:

Thank you everyone (● ” ●) ❤ ❤


Step 19:

Compared with the simple version and an advanced version, which one do you prefer you?

Step 20:

Step 21: