Wearing resin jewelry, we are the most shining plastic sisters


Source: boutique shopping guide

The atmosphere of spring makes people can’t help but want to be a shaking flower butterfly. Fashion essences have exposed their jewelry, and they use colorful ghosts and horse jewelry to increase their vitality. Each buyer show is urging your jewelry box. It’s time to inject fresh blood.


This year, resin jewelry won this over -over battle. In the spring of 2021, the jewelry changed the gorgeous sense of pearls. Whether it was a show or Instagram, it released the signal of “this summer is the world of resin jewelry!”


This trend has also been successfully spread to the field of luxury goods, such as Dior, Bottega Vneta, Chloé, Versace, etc. The 2021 spring has launched resin jewelry.


The color of the resin material is very rich, which is more suitable for this more active season than any material jewelry. It is very well -matched.


Moreover, compared to other materials cheaper, it can also be matched with the nails full of spring. This wave of jewelry trend has no burden at all, suitable for the new fashion essences.


In particular, these jewelry enthusiasts have seen the brand that they have fallen, including the same hot stars, and the niche and charming handmade brands, which will definitely attract your attention.




The cool Liu Wen’s leather jeans shape, mixing with the Korean brand Ylyl’s resin ring with Coco Crush, fashionable and eye -catching, and a little playful, immediately pulled out the heavy sense of winter ~

This brand is the abbreviation of the name of Youngly Youngley brand names. The meaning of the name is young, clever, and cute. At the beginning, IU was bringing fire. Recently, Jennie, Lisa, and Kong Xiaozhen also put it into their own jewelry boxes.

The bold jump color matching the jelly feel to the extreme, which can provide a hint of coolness to the summer, and the bold shape rely on it.

Slogan, the brand of “Cool Girls NEVER DIE”, is also very interesting. This is simply the voice of every cool girl. The cute cool girl musician Li Xiuxian likes it.


La Manso, who has been brought by the major time and stars, has also become the darling of everyone. This year’s popular candy -colored upper body is difficult to control. It is easy to match with accessories such as Bella with accessories. Even with basic items, it can be scheduled to be scheduled. The cute age reduction is in place.


The founder Adriana Manso founded the La Manso brand because of his interest in collecting plastic. Look at the jelly rings scattered on the ground. Unexpectedly, the upper body matching effect was 100 points.


La Manso is good at combining metals with resin, with a little coolness in the cuteness, and high -saturated colors with futuristic metals.

Re -use the plastic into a beautiful ring to combine the concept of environmental protection with fashion.




Milan’s old -fashioned jewelry brand Bea Bongiasca can almost be said to be the favorite of DUA LIPA. It has the accumulation of 31 years of jewelry history. You can see the unique brand charm from each item ~

Seeing the twisted rings and earrings, you can almost guess from their home, and the recognition is super high. Bea Bongiasca is inspired by rope knots, combining with gemstones, and colorful colors, which is tailor -made for spring and summer.

Although it is made of resin, each one is very fine, and the seemingly simple design shows a sense of super geometry and artistic sense.


The handmade necklace Argentine brand NINFA HANDMADE Zhou Dongyu has been worn in variety shows in 2019 before bringing this niche brand to more people.


The brand is very young and was born in 2017. All products are made by craftsmen and artists by hand -made different materials such as glass, metals, porcelain and resin.

The popular resin jewelry this year has become very gentle here in Ninfa Handmade. It is very fresh that it is suitable for literary girls.



When it comes to the element of flowers and plants, the niche brand Tétierbijoux has to be mentioned by jewelry made by exclusive jewelry techniques. Handmade jewelry comes from recyclable items, but creates a unique sense of advanced.

Focusing on the theme of nature such as flowers, the brand will search for objects searched by Paris to break the distortion and re -combination. The limited edition is a niche.

The size of these accessories is also exaggerated, and it can even be used as an indoor decoration! Practical score.



The interesting brand of the niche brand WastedEffort is like a dreamy color dream. They have two lines of jewelry and home supplies, so they are full of architectural sense in jewelry design.

Simple lines, abstract shapes, and bright and bold colors, make the jewelry permeate the unrestrained and free atmosphere ~